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Tell Me About Wisconsin Dells

A recent Travel Channel show about cheesy roadside attractions has piqued my interest in the Wisconsin Dells, particularly the Kalihari Resort and Water Park. I'm thinking about a winter visit.

Anyone familiar with this resort, or with Wisconsin Dells in particular? Any advice?

*NOTE: I get that the Wisconsin Dells is totally cheesy, but I've had fun in my day at similar cheesy destinations such as Pigeon Forge, Branson, and Kissimmee, so please don't try to talk me out of it based on the cheesiness factor. Thanks.
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Kimmy_Gibbler Kimmy_Gibbler is offline
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Originally Posted by HeyHomie View Post
I'm thinking about a winter visit.
To the Dells? In winter? I haven't been to the Dells myself, although I have stayed with people who had a summer place in other similar places in Wisconsin. I don't think there's much going on in the winter.

But I will tell you this: The Straight Story was right, Wisconsin is a big party state.
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Lamar Mundane Lamar Mundane is offline
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Make sure you do the boat trip to see the dells themselves. That area of the Wisconsin River is spectacular.

As for the other stuff, there's more cheese in that small town than there is in all the dairy farms in Wisconsin combined.

Edit: Missed the part about winter. I'd forget it - the river will be frozen and most of the other stuff closed. It's a summer resort.

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Yes, summer is better. Ride the ducks, go see Ripley's Museum of Believe It or Not. Noah's Ark is one of the better water parks. The water skiing show is good, too

It's quite fun. We did it when my son was five and my daughter three. Much giggling.

Don't take the train. It was three hours late leaving, and two hours late coming back, and it is very hard to get anywhere without a car.

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Markxxx Markxxx is offline
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The Dells are great, it's very commercial but if you ignore that, it's a great three-day weekend destination. Don't forget to ride the ducks.
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SmellMyWort SmellMyWort is offline
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The resort in the OP is an indoor waterpark, so it doesn't matter if it's winter. There are a number of indoor attractions in "the Dells" but there is definitely more to do during the summer. I've been to Kalahari, Wilderness, and Chula Vista. All have indoor waterparks. I liked Chula Vista the best. It was a little smaller but I thought the rides were better. I think Kalahari just finished and expansion, though...might have even more fun stuff now.

Here is the tourism site:
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Harmonious Discord Harmonious Discord is offline
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You'll enjoy the indoor water parks if that's something you like to play at. There are a couple nice all year attractions like that. The Ho Chunk casino is close to Kalihari. There are many more things to enjoy if you come during the summer, but I won't list them.

I think the Chula Vista complex is better too.

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picker picker is offline
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My wife & I talked the rest of her family - her folks, two brothers & their wives, plus 6 nieces & nephews - into doing a weekend in the Dells (at Chula Vista) over the Xmas holidays rather than
the traditional holiday get together.

It was fantastic - waterparks and bowling alleys for the kids, plus a couple of nightclub-ish places and of course, the Ho-Chunk casino for the grownups.

We had a blast, and found it to be a great little getaway for everyone.

The rates were pretty good too - the occupancy rates are down a lot in winter so they cut some fantastic deals.
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Rascal's Mom Rascal's Mom is offline
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And for meals, don't miss Marley's. The food is great and they have yummy drink specials. However, it is loud. All reggae, all the time.
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When I was little I remember going there every couple years, it's probably changed a little but it was really fun (remember, this is "fun" through the eyes of a 4-8 year old). I loved the ducks and going to Noah's Ark, I'm sure I probably went to a couple more water parks, but I'm not sure which. Either way I recommend it, with a Nostalgia Disclaimer tacked on.
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There's also some great outlet mall shopping just out of town. If you're a bargain hunter, it's a no-miss!
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Harmonious Discord Harmonious Discord is offline
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It is fun in the Dells for almost anybody and it's not just a kid's nostalgia. The older stuff like the Ducks use the same worn out jokes and tour scripts they did thirty years ago unfortunately for you, if you've been on them before. The boat trip to take is the upper tour. Save your money and don't go on the lower tour. The dividing line for the tours is the dam. Play miniature golf or golf if you like. The outlet mall is close to Kalihari and is open in winter. I have no idea why they left the mall roof open for an all year mall in Wisconsin.

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As stated, in winter there will be less to do outside but you'll likely find better rates. Don't forget to have a "Swig at Nig's."


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