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Sonic booms in palmdale, california???

I have heard 5 sonic booms today alone, my dog is acting crazy trying to push me in the house right before it happens at first i didnt understand why he kept shoving at my legs toward our door then it happened and he kept barking at it.
Anybody knows why this happens? I just moved out here in september.
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Huerta88 Huerta88 is offline
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You're within about 40 miles of Edwards AFB.
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Johnny L.A. Johnny L.A. is online now
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Sometimes I miss Eddie's Air Patch. I used to love coming out of Ridley Mission Control and smelling the kerosene.

And I miss hearing the sonic booms.


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It is certainly Edwards Air Force base but many people think that sonic booms only happen as the plane breaks the sound barrier. That isn't true. It is a wave that happens through its entire path and you are under it. It doesn't take long for a supersonic plane to get that far. You and your dog will have to get used to it. I lived in a different part of the country growing up but we heard them all the time in elementary school. The classrooms shook. Tell your dog that the chances of him beating a fighter plane are slim to none but I suppose he could train for it as motivation. People think dogs chasing cars is bad.

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Originally Posted by Huerta88 View Post
You're within about 40 miles of Edwards AFB.
Look for the Magnesium flares floating on the desert breezes at night.
They put them up just to freak out dogs, and newcomers to the area.
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Also, specifically about the corridors: (pdf)

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