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Buying a used Dish Network DVR

I am considering doing this rather than risking the $150 cancellation fee on a 2 year commitment by renting a DVR via dish. They said you are free to buy a used DVR and use that instead as long as it doesn't have a balance on it.

I have read that the older models like the 501 and 508 do not even have a subscription fee per month. Does anyone know about this?

If you do get an older model, do those need to be professionally hooked up, or can you do it yourself?
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They have fees out the wazoo. If you own the receiver, you or course save the money to lease it from them. I think the other fees stay, though.
The hard part of installing is aiming the dish. There is a help screen that displays how strong the signal is, but you must get into the ball park with a compass and a protractor.
And not have trees or buildings in the way.
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Ask at General Dish Network™ Discussion
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I just happen to be a Dish tech.(read this like Barney Fife is saying it )
Yes if you own the rec. there is no charge You can also get the 211 222 hi-def receiver and use the usb port in the back to hook up an external H/D and save the fees that way. just beware with buying a used rec. especially one as old as the 501 508
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In 3 years I never had a Dish Network PVR last longer than 8 months, except for the first HD one I got which I replaced when it was too obsolete to get all the HD programing.

I always asked for a NEW PVR but I am pretty sure they kept sending me refurbished ones.


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