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Old 01-29-2011, 11:58 AM
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Being Erica - Anyone else watch?

I discovered this show while watching Beverly Hills, 90210 reruns on the soap network. Season 3 just started here in the US and I was wondering if anyone else watched and what your opinions were of the show.

My husband thinks it's incredibly cheesy ... he rolls his eyes and mocks the actors, but will periodically sit through an episode with me. I personally really enjoy the show ... I like Erica and her relationship with Dr. Tom. I think that Erica surrounds herself with some real idiots, but hey, don't we all at one time or another in our lives. I even like the ridiculously corny Julianne and how she puts finger quotes around everything!

None of my friends or co-workers have heard of the show. I'm wondering if it's a popular show in Canada.

Regardless, I was a bit excited to see a new episode pop up on the DVR this week ... my husband, not so much.
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I've watched a few episodes, like it alright, and I just loaded a season one video onto my ipod nano to possibly watch on the bus sometime soon.

Erin Karpluk is definitely very talented to deliver the range this show asks of her, from pratfalls to tears to soap. (She was also quite good on 'Life Unexpected' as one of the minor guest stars.)

It's not really a popular show in what passes for my social circle up here in Canada, but I think it's got something of a following. I dropped in on a discussion panel for the show at Polaris 2010 in Toronto, where the central premise was 'Is Being Erica Science Fiction?' The overall consensus was that it was definitely something speculative, but unless some of the mysteries of Doctor Tom and the other therapists were cleared up, it's not clear if it should be classified as science fiction or fantasy. There was some fun discussion in that room, though, not much of which I can remember specifically.
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needscoffee needscoffee is offline
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I enjoyed it, more so in the beginning. After awhile, I felt like there wasn't really anywhere else to go with the premise. They wrote themselves into a corner. The lead actress did a great job. She made the show better than it would have been without her.
Old 01-31-2011, 05:55 AM
Musky Moon Musky Moon is offline
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Discovered it quite by accident and I have watched every episode so far. Sure, it's soapy and eye-rolly, but Erin is a talented actress and the mystery surrounding doctor Tom has me hooked. I hear there are plans to make an American version. I doubt they will recreate the quirkiness that makes it so lovable. The two gay guys from Goblins and the femme ladykiller from River Rock are by far my favorite characters.

Any speculation as to whether she's dead? In a coma? I guessif we have a fourth season we will find out. The writer said if they get picked up it will be the last.
Old 01-31-2011, 07:18 AM
RickJay RickJay is offline
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It keeps running so someone must watch it and yet I have never met a soul who does. Not in my parents' small town, not here, not in Toronto, nowhere.

On CBC's headquarters in downtown Toronto there are huge, huge pictures of some of the networks' big stars, and Karpluk, who whatever her acting talents is certainly a beautiful woman, is one of the five or six chosen for the honour.

Apparently both ABC and BBC want to remake the series for their home audiences too, so it's certainly got an appeal.
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Pliny the younger Pliny the younger is offline
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I found it on Hulu last year and watched all of the first season and bits and pieces of the second. I like it and you're right, Erin makes the show, IMO. She's just so cute and really conveys the character's ups and downs well.

I think I will start TIVOing it. (Thanks for the reminder!)
Old 01-31-2011, 10:41 AM
Ludy Ludy is offline
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I watched it last year and really enjoyed it. But this season I just didn't like the group therapy direction and after the episodes started to pile up on my PVR I just stopped recording it.
Old 01-31-2011, 11:19 AM
Moonlitherial Moonlitherial is offline
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A few people at work kept recommending it so I picked up Season 1 in November. I was all caught up before Christmas and I'm now waiting for the next episode and I agree that Erin is the real attraction. She's very expressive and I am really enjoying her discovering different ways to fix her life.
Old 01-31-2011, 11:59 AM
tingbudong tingbudong is offline
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My sister is a fan and apparently it is quite popular among the 20-24 female university demographic. I'm told they 'relate' to it...somehow.

I (like a previous posters husband) find it too cheezy.
Old 06-25-2011, 11:44 AM
shijinn shijinn is offline
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i just want to thank the OP for recommending this show. cheesy or not, i like watching quirky shows like this. Pushing Daisies (touch me once, come back alive. touch me twice..) ; Better Off Ted (crazy MNC) ; Dead Like Me (mundane life of reapers) ; Wonderfalls (talk to gods?) .. now i have nothing to watch
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jackdavinci jackdavinci is offline
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I love this show to bits. I caught most of season three on SoapNet in the US, and afterwards had a marathon of the previous bits I had missed. I think season four is supposed to be the last and will wrap up the mysteries. SoapNet is going off the air, so hopefully it will find another channel in the US. I had heard rumors of an American remake but nothing has come of it so far.

I think the "do over" episode is my favorite fun episode - The one where she finally deals with her brother's death might be my favorite serious one. Since I saw season three first, it was a pleasant surprise to see Kai as a regular in the earlier season, I quite like him, more than Erica's other love interests. It was strange at first though because I already knew he was a time traveller so I couldn't figure out how he managed to be in his younger body all the time, until the episode where they reveal he's refused to complete his original regret and so he's stuck. It was also interesting seeing the other characters who were no longer around.

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Old 06-26-2011, 04:24 AM
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Originally Posted by jackdavinci View Post
... I think season four is supposed to be the last and will wrap up the mysteries. ... I had heard rumors of an American remake but nothing has come of it so far. ...
i'm not sure what an american remake is supposed to bring to the table as it already feels kinda Hollywoody to me. still, i would give it a try even if it is difficult to imagine someone else in her shoes.

i like that the show has a logical staged progression and a planned(?) arc. this is highlighted in one of my favourite episodes at the end of season 3 : [major series spoiler]

where we wondered if she was in a coma after all this time. not knowing then if that was to be the last season, it was quite possible for it to end that way - with her facing the end credits, equipped with what she had learnt from her coma.

the sense of loss was felt keenly, strengthened by the thought of it being a series finale. all the relationships she built, all the things she accomplished. gone. that was a dizzy thought.

that could have been very lame but Erin Karpluk carried it off. it made it better than those tv series where nothing really changes season after season.

i don't expect season 4 to answer the mysteries behind the therapy stuff, but view it as the end of the character arc where she graduates from patient to doctor.
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atlantic atlantic is offline
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Originally Posted by jackdavinci View Post
SoapNet is going off the air, so hopefully it will find another channel in the US.
I didn't know that ... ugh! What will I do for 90210 reruns and that all too important final season of Being Erica?!!!

I do hope another channel will pick it up. If not, perhaps watching it online is a possibility.
Old 12-17-2011, 09:45 PM
jackdavinci jackdavinci is offline
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So, anyone catch the final season and series finale? I'm not in Canada and SoapNet seems to be fading into oblivion, so I had to resort to nefarious means to watch.

I really enjoyed this season. They knew it was the last and they went back and resolved all the old plot lines wrt Ethan, Jenny, Kai, etc. Lots of closure all around. I guess the only thing they didn't do was give us some secret origin of the doctors story but I didn't feel I needed that - unlike Lost where I feel we were a bit cheated in that regard, I never felt like BE was about the behind the scenes mythology, and they did give us a full circle look at the art of becoming a new doctor.

I loved the series finale. It made me very very weepy. The only two things that didn't quite work were
the B story with the dog was a bit fluffy but otoh we probably needed some fluff to balance out the sentiment in the A story - and I didn't quite get why the Doctor couldn't be friend with Erica on a non professional level, since he still lives in the same city and he's run into patients before, and hell Erica is practically engaged to a co-patient. If she retires one day does she have to stop seeing her husband? At the very least I thought Dr Tom deserved a going away party.

I did love how Erica's final lesson ties together her own feelings about Dr Tom and the final fate of her late brother. I like her new office. I can't remember her original office very well to compare though. Love her new house too. And it was cool seeing her transition into her new doctor role and powers. But the best was her first patient. Obvious in hindsight, but also a big present to the viewer.

I'm really going to miss this show. I'm not sure whether to hope for or dread the various remakes that have been rumored.

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Old 12-17-2011, 11:06 PM
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I watched the 4th season here in Canada. I really liked the serious topics addressed in the first half of the season, it seemed to be back on track after wandering a bit during the more ensemble 3rd season of group therapy. I'm going to miss the show, it was well-written and Erin Karpluk carried it with her range. The way Erica (and those around her) evolved during the show was refreshing and made the show a must watch.


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