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Comments on Cecil's reply about red and blue states - btw there is not a good way to comment directl

I must live in a red state.... I tried several times to comment directly on the reply about blue states having a higher IQ than red states, but found no direct way.

I agree. The best thing to do here is always slam conservatives because they are taking a simple approach and trying to avoid the bankrupt government situations like California, Illinois, New Jersey, etc.. Also they are foolish to disagree with the fact that the government should control more of our lives because we are not intelligent enough, moral enough, or determined enough to fix "equalitative" issues. Oops, so stupid, I made up a word....that spellchecker doesn't like.

This approach will help to further progressive causes and shame conservative thinkers(who were probably created by circumstances beyond their control (parents, environment, school, era in which they were raised, their own economic struggles or their exposure to being accepted or rejected by various groups) and so probably incapable of understanding the error of their thoughts and danger of their actions, into progressive thought.

So I do agree that more and more progressives should relocate to blue states and give up their fights in red states where hopeless IQ issues, years of inbreeding, and educative dis-associative disorders are prevalent. This will create a more eutopic situation where more things are free and paid for by tax-payers.

Really, what a stupid article.

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Generalizations are always wrong, including this one.

Maybe the column you are referring to is this?

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Actually, this is not really about Cecil's column at all, but rather you venting about other issues, including a complaint about how you got here to make your complaint.

Not sure about how to address this so I think closing it is probably best.

If you want to address these varied issues there's other forum areas that are more appropriate, including IMHO and The Pit. One at a time in the appropriate fora rather than the blunderbuss method works best.
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