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Back 2 Sleeping In The Park, This Is What I Should Of Been Doing

My time has run up 4 sleeping at that wi-fi spot. The manager politely asked that I stopped sleeping there so I respect that. Now its back 2 the park. Actually, when I first startd living in the wilderness, I slept in parks even when I stopped driving.Back in september my brother who doesn't understand me recommended that I live with one of his friends for a while and I fell 4 it like a fool. It was ok 4 a while but I bailed out because I was the only one working and I was expected 2 follow a bunch of silly rules. I know that a person can have whatever rule they want at their house and I have the right 2 leave that house if I disagree with the rules considering that I'm the only one working and my brother's friend was a bum. It wasn't even that guy's house, it was his aunt's house who happened 2 move out of town and left him the house so he won't be homeless and unemployed. Plus the guy is a dead beat dad of 3 children by 3 different women.

But what I'm trying 2 address is that I shouldn't have moved out of the "wilderness" into that house in the first place. I had life made and I was deceived into thinking that the lifestyle wasn't good enough. I know that God is constantly reminding me not to move out of the "wilderness" again at least until 2025, regardless what my family says. I'm handling business like a man. In the "wilderness" I am not overwhelmed with a bunch of responsibilities. My responsibility is 2 take care of myself and be respectful to others. I don't need unneccessary responsibilities such as pay the landlord, pay the electric bill, pay car insurance, and buy gas.

And I know that sleeping in the park can be dangerous. But in order 2 make progress in life, sometimes we have 2 make brave moves. Sleeping in parks for the next 13 years is the only way I can make an advancement in life. After my mission of living in the "wilderness" is done by 2025, then my family will see that my plan is not so crazy after all
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Interesting. Dare I ask what happens in 2025?
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He was asked to keep it all in a single thread rather than starting new ones one the same subject.
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Moderator Note

You were told not to open any other threads here, so I'm going to close this. Stick to one thread and don't open any others or you may be subject to a warning.

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