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Alright, I'll try and give as many details as possible so that I can get the full extent of the boards knowledge on web site design. I recently made a site for my SO (she's tokiwoki on the boards) on geocities. It can be found at:
http://www.geocities.com/iloverice4ever/newrice Feel free to look at it if you want. But I don't wish to hear all the sardonic comments about how it made you puke your guts out due to the cuteness m'kay?

To begin with, the first time I uploaded it, everything looked normal. After I went back alot of the detail was gone and everything looked really pixely. I refreshed with IE and tried viewing it with AOL (shudder) but it still didn't look as nice as it did the first time I saw it.
I don't really care about the links so much as I do the main page. The main page is a sliced, animated GIF made in Fireworks that was imported into Dreamweaver. Sometimes the rollover's don't load, or they look really bad when you do rollover them. The thing that ticks me off the most is some of the sections on the backgrounds will be a different color than the rest. It looks as though it went from 64 colors to 16 or something. I don't know how much you guys can help, but if there is some javascript or something that can clean this up a bit, please let me know. Thanks again.
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No luck?

It's not that bad. In fact, I went to the site from the computers in my calc lab on Monday and it looked fine. Maybe it's geocities??
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I clicked on the link "Have a Moment?" and the screen went nuts. The window shrunk a little and bobbed all over the screen. If that's intentional, it's a bad idea. It took me a while to figure out how to kill it off.
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The site looks okay, for the most part. The green rollovers turn into a blurry mess, however. Can you tell us how it's supposed to look? Personally, I'd probably remove the mask from the picture on the left, just to add a little more vibrance to the page. Other than that, it looks fine.


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