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Various stuff, free + shipping

I'll be adding to this thread. This is stuff I'm giving away to anyone who wants it. Unfortunately, if you're not local (Boston metrowest area) that means you'll have to pay the cost of shipping if you want it... But I'm posting it in case anyone does. I'm posting it elsewhere as well.

Right now I have a couple of books of art--scifi/fantasy type stuff--that I thought a nerdy group like the Dopers might find entertaining... I have pics with Amazon links here: so you can read the descriptions. They're hardcover in like-new condition.

One is The Art of Rowena, text by Doris Vallejo, and the other is Secrets by Luis Royo

I also have a 7 CD set of John Grisham's The Summons (unabridged) audiobook that I burned to CD from Audible (they let you do that--it isn't against the rules. They actually have a utility that does it for you.) They're in slimline jewel cases so they don't take up much space.

And for any Star Wars geeks, I have an audiobook (storebought) of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (unabridged) on cassette (6 cassettes, still in the box).

For anyone still using a darkroom I have two boxes of photo paper... not sure how much is left in them because I'm afraid to open the boxes (might ruin the paper)... one box is Kodak Professional Paper Expanded contrast Range 5" x 7" "Polycontrast III RC E M".. the other is Ilford MGIV Multigrade IV RC DeLuxe Satin 8" x 10"...

I have an in-the-box (not new) copy of MS Office Home and Student 2007...

And for any '80s music fans who still have tape players, I have Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits" and "I Love Rock & Roll: Hits of the '80s" on cassette, but I don't have the cases, just the tapes.

I also have 3 DirecTV TiVo boxes (DirecTV receiver + TiVO in one)--these are from before they did their own proprietary DVR. I have tried other DVRs and vastly prefer TiVo. I also have a Series 1 TiVo (but I don't know if I have the cable that connects to the little doohickeys that relay the infrared signal to your cable box/tv to get it to change the channel--you can probably get those on ebay) and a Series 2 TiVo. The Series 1 we put in a larger hard drive but I don't remember how many hours it holds.

I have 2 DirecTiVo remotes and one TiVo remote, I have to check to see which goes with which, or if it matters...

here are the model numbers:
DirecTivo 1: SD-DVR40
DirecTivo 2: R10
DirecTivo 3: DSR708
TiVo Series 1
TiVo Series 2

Note that you do have to activate the boxes with TiVo and subscribe to their pay service. I think it's worth it, but it's up to you.

...more later...


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