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Old 11-19-2012, 10:26 PM
GameHat GameHat is offline
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Sweet Lord, I just got my most comfortable glasses ever (and I think they look pretty sharp, too)

I've worn glasses since adolescence, 20 years now. Every time it's been a kludge - I get the glasses, the optometrist adjusts them several times, I finally settle, and it's a 2-month acclimatization period where they're not quite comfortable but finally I get used to them.

This was the first time, ever - I had ordered the frames, specified my usual high-index plastic and photochromic (transitions) lenses. The optometrist suggested another option costing $17 - they'd round off and smooth the edges. I forget the actual name, but I went for it. Putting them on today, in the doctors office - wow. They fit perfectly. Smooth, gentle, light. From my old glasses that were wearing calluses into the sides of my nose, this is like going from burlap to silk.

The optometrist, knowing me, heaved a weary sigh. "How should I adjust them? Too tight? Too loose?"


"Don't change a thing. These are perfect."

Everyone's head and face are different, so I'm not putting these up as ideal frames. I'm just so damn tickled that these just happen to be perfect for me. And I think they look pretty nice, too.

Old 11-19-2012, 10:42 PM
Taomist Taomist is offline
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Isn't it so nice to have glasses that FIT?!

No, I'm asking because I really don't know how that feels, lol. Been wearing them 40 years, never had a pair that didn't cause problems one way or another. Eventually I push things around and bend <sometimes break> what the optical office would probably be happy to do for free, but it's always been a matter of just dealing with it.

Oddly enough, my dog chewed the living daylights out of my relatively new glasses. They are very much like yours, the only real difference being mine are half-frames with fishing-line at the bottom. He chewed that out, gnawed all over the glass and it looks like there are permanent fingerprints on them, and the plastic earpieces were completely chewed. Previous to this, they hurt my ears anyway. But after getting the lens put back in, I just took a microplane from the kitchen, went to work on the plastic, and bent things a bit...and now they fit better than ever
Old 11-19-2012, 11:03 PM
Ethilrist Ethilrist is offline
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My latest glasses are the most comfortable I've ever gotten (also the smallest... possibly not a coincidence). When I was getting them fitted, the girl at Sams Club kept having to make little fiddly adjustments, and then just stopped and stared at my face for a few seconds...

Me: My nose isn't straight.
Her: Your nose isn't straight.
Me: Too many karate classes.
Her: I guess we're good, then.


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