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In reply to many of the comments on Cats and Butterd Toast

1) Studies showed that cats are more likely to fall feet first when dropped from roof top height (single story building . . . minimum?)

2) What happens when a cat, such as our Mr. Whiskers (hold the applause for originality until I am done please) What happens when a cat is a butter-a-holic and endeavors to lick the butter every night. Mr. Whiskers (a.k.a. Mickers) should have died of heart blockage years ago, yet he remain alive (Aha! 9 lives! I get it!) to stalk the kitchen opening cabinets and knocking over butter dishes in order to feast on the yellow feline beverage. So his innards are coated with butter - how will that affect the experiment?

3) Shrodinger had no problem finding or getting rid of the cats - he lived halfway between the pound and an Asian restaurant.

4) The smart people here are not trying to cure cancer because others are already working on that. Many others. Let's focus on frontiers where no man has gone before.
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Originally Posted by Zarquan View Post
You've got to put the bread buttered side down on the cat's back. Otherwise it won't work!
What won't work? The toast wants to land buttered-side down, right? So strapping it to the cat's back only reinforces a successful landing.

Powers &8^]


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