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... the guitarist?
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William Buelow Gould, the convict-artist who died in Tasmania in 1853, was apparently never photographed.
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Originally Posted by bibliophage View Post
There are plenty of photographs of the last emperor of China, and at least one of his immediate predecessor (reigned 1875-1908), but as far as I can tell there are no photographs of the three previous emperors:

The Daoguang Emperor (reigned 1820-1850)
The Xianfeng Emperor (1850-1861)
The Tongzhi Emperor (1861-1875)
As with post which named Japanese figures, the standard of universal photography of notable figures would seem to have to be applied later in the Far East, though in fairness OP did say 'developed world' albeit a somewhat anachronistic (now's not 1840's) term.

There are no photographs of St Andrew Kim Dae-geon (first Korean Catholic priest, martyred in 1846) or AFAIK any of the other Korean martyrs, important people to Korean Catholics, notable to all Catholics. Most died well before photography but others as late as the 1880's.

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Originally Posted by Ethilrist View Post
Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes) is remarkably camera-shy; there are only a few photos of him out on the web.
he looks exactly like the dad in the strip except he grew out a beard because some fans noticed it too in the one picture of him ive ever seen

But a lot of people thought that if you took a picture it captured your soul in the picture........

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