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Originally Posted by puzzlegal View Post
I have a computer and several types of pens at my desk. And i also have my trusty Dixon Ticonderoga pencil, with its useful eraser. I like the way it feels when i write with it. I like the precision of the extremely fine point i can put on it, and i like being able to erase. I don't use it every day, but i use it often enough that it earns its spot on my desk.
Ahh. ... Was it a birthday present?

"So it does!" said Pooh. "It does write!"
"So it does!" said Piglet. "And it erases!"
"Doesn't it?" said Eeyore. "It writes and erases like anything."
"I'm very glad," said Pooh happily, "that I thought of giving you a Useful Eraser to Erase things."
"I'm very glad," said Piglet happily, "that thought of giving you something to Erase."
But Eeyore wasn't listening. He was wrting, and erasing again, as happy as could be....
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Oh, bother!
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Originally Posted by lynne-42 View Post
It uses heat and turns the ink into 'invisible' ink - nothing is 'rubbed' out.
It says you can make the writing visible again by putting the paper in the freezer....

That sounds like it may have some devious uses. And if it takes less than a few minutes, it would be a pain if you're carrying your notebook around in New England winters and all your erased and written-over mistakes reappear.


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