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"I decided it would be far more pleasurable to kill myself that day."
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Here's a partial list of excuses I've used in the past:

Dreadfully sorry, but the goldfish just flushed Johnny down the toilet.

Sorry, but I have to go, the cat's on fire again.

Er... do I know you? ... Sorry, but I keep confusing my friends and my symptoms.

No, that's when the orbits of Earth and Tau Ceti are synchronous and I have to wait for instructions.

Sorry, I have to watch the children. Leave them for an instant and they'll fry to a crisp. By the way... could I borrow your meat thermometer?

I have an orgy scheduled for that day and I haven't rented the chicken costume yet.

Sure thing! I'd love... hold on... Johnny, put that down, Sweetheart. Once you pull the pin, Mister Hand Grenade is no longer your friend!

Can't make it. I'm having my kneecaps rotated that day.

Oh, I would, that that's the day of the Rocky and Bullwinkel marathon!

I would, but it's a full moon, and I have to stay home to shave my little sister.

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Way back in grade school some friends of mine made an excuse for why their classmate's father couldn't come to school to discuss a problem. He had just gotten a new job at a 24 hour gas station and he was going to be working all 24 hours.

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Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
And don't forget, Jeff, if they're doing it on Saturday, "Can't; it's Shabbes."
Followed the next time by "I can't do too much physical exercise, that's during Ramadan...." [Other date excuses: Solstices, Ides of March, Zarathrusta's birthday]

Originally Posted by Joey P View Post
Something like this?
Maybe this?

[Hope amusement helps your recovery, Jeff, get well soon!]
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"I have to return an overdue book to the library."

"I promised my wife I'd clean the lint trap on the dryer."
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Originally Posted by Spud View Post
Three states away... very simple.

My ankle bracelet won't let me go that far from home.

And with a rider....."I have to go to a scheduled meeting of the SOSG*....if I miss one more, they're going to revoke my parole."

*Sex-offenders Support Group.



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