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A movie idea (based on a sarcastic IMDb post)

So, IMDb message boards have been closed down. And that sucks. When those were still active, there was a bit of an argument on "I Saw the Devil" (that is a Korean thriller) boards. There was a poster, Fenrir, who kept insisting that that movie was dumb, ridiculous, full of plot holes, and that having an original movie idea doesn't equal a good movie. To illustrate that point, he/she made the following, sarcastic suggestion.

"I have a great movie idea for you: a cop's wife is brutally murdered by a serial killer. He ruthlessly tracks him down, then marries him. They travel the world, finally settling in a small Russian town where the killer learns ballet while the cop slowly morphs into a half-man, half-unicorn creature. The killer ballerina becomes so good that he must give a command performance for the King of Atlantis, and so he mounts his good half-unicorn lover and the two fly underwater to find it. There they encounter a race of sentient seahorses named the Moogra, and learn that all of mankind is controlled by a sinister mind ray beamed from the planet Neptune. The movie ends as the Moogra, the unicorn, and the ballet killer form up like Voltron and fly to Neptune to do battle with the evil aliens. "

That post actually got me thinking. Maybe that idea could work. Not with all the crazy details, but the general idea.

The guy's wife is murdered. He aims to track down the killer himself, and exact revenge. He tracks down the woman who, he believes, murdered his wife. The evidence points to a revenge, a crime of passion. Maybe the killer turns out to be the protagonist's ex- girlfriend, or an ex-fiancee. Or the woman that his wife dated in the past, somebody who never really got over the break up. You name it. He devises a twisted revenge scheme, the one that he believes fits the senseless motive for his wife'a murder (love, hate, passion and all that-poetic justice). He will seduce that woman, gain her trust, make her fall in love with him, then, eventually, reveal the truth, and torture her, and murder her.

But, just like the revenge gets out of control in "I Saw the Devil" (the ones who have seen the movie will know what I'm talking about), our hero's scheme gets out of his hands. (Heck, normal relationships are hard enough...) They meet each other's friends, parents, get engaged, married, etc. He might even fall in love with her, in a way.

Heck, that could be a black comedy. At least in part. But I'd like seeing it as an erotic/psychological thriller.

But, in the end, it turns out that the guy's wife actually faked her own death, and that the evidence that led him to "the killer" was a coincidence, or his wife planted it and that woman was just a patsy. Only the police wasn't smart enough to link all the clues to that woman. Who wasn't guilty.

It might not even be that far fetched. You must have heard of Ted Bundy, a prolific serial killer. Before the whole serial killer phase, he allegedly had a fiancee, who broke up with him. She apparently found him boring and unambitious. He worked hard to improve his self-image, and got back together with his former fiancee. Then he broke up with her, in order to hurt her the same way she hurt him, which had been his plan all along. Then he murdered a bunch of women who resembled her, but that is a different story.


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