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Originally Posted by davidm View Post

They let me go today. He mumbled something about resources.

Not surprising really. Cash flow definitely seemed to be a problem.
Hi David, I was in a very similar situation a few years ago. I was unemployed and was searching everywhere for a job (I'm an IT support guy; desktops, servers, networks, etc.). I applied for many positions and ended up at a temp-to-hire position with a temp agency. In my case it was working for a municipal government so it wasn't that dodgy (no more than any small city government) but they strung me along for about 7 months before I was let go due to lack of funds. At least I was there long enough to get some good done; I designed an image to upgrade all of their XP machines to Windows 8 (the latest Windows OS at that time) as well as smaller support tasks. I learned a lot but it was uncomfortable, with no sick or vacation benefits, no trust (I had to call each morning to get someone to unlock the front door so I could start work) and it ended with me unemployed yet again. So I sympathize.

Just a few months after that I got a job working for my state government and I've been there for 2 1/2 years, and get good pay and fantastic benefits (and even a pension when I retire). Best job I ever had. So hang in there, something better is coming along I'm sure, that's how this works.
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Just to wrap this up if anyone still cares.

I promised that I'd post whether or not I got my last pay. The money was in my checking account this morning.

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Originally Posted by davidm View Post
Just to wrap this up if anyone still cares.

I promised that I'd post whether or not I got my last pay. The money was in my checking account this morning.
Well, foolish company maybe, but not scammy. At least that's good.
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Definitely care. Thank you for the update. Hope the job hunt goes better.

Have you considered Atamasama's post, above. Would state or local government be an option? I have relatives who have gone that route and been very happy with it.
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That's good to hear. Better luck next time. I hope it's uneventful.
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But, if it is eventful, we're here for you ('scuse me, I have to lay in a stock of locally-grown popcorn kernels in case davym gets another interesting job...).


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