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From bob++'s quote about Pepys' bladder surgery:

Once out, the wound was not stitched--it was thought best to let it drain and cicatrize itself--but simply washed and covered with a dressing, or even kept open at first with a small roll of soft cloth known as a tent, dipped in egg white.
I can understand not stitching the outer incision, but what about the bladder itself? It seems to me that, if you don't close that up somehow (how? I dunno) then any further urine accumulation would just leak out into the abdominal cavity, which seems like it'd have to have bad effects. And I don't think there's any way to stop the kidneys from producing urine for long enough to let a three-inch incision heal.

Incidentally, the original version of the Hippocratic Oath specifically prohibited "cutting for stone". Such surgeries were known, but they were so risky that it was considered impossible for it to be an ethical option. At the same time, though, stones could cause so much pain that a patient might be willing to brave the risks, hence the need for the injunction in the first place.
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Originally Posted by AK84 View Post
Opium and cannabis have been used as painkillers for centuries.
As was alcohol. Alcohol also sterilises.
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Originally Posted by AK84 View Post
Presumably either the Doc was from 1900BC or your memory really has faded. A Doctor in 1900AD had quite a lot of effective medication and diagnostic techniques. Quinine for pain. Carbolic acids for infection. Aspirin. Radiation therepy for cancer. Plus X Rays
When I was in college, and living with relatives who kept small livestock, I owned a 19th Century Materia Medica. It was quite useful, as it predated (prescription) antibiotics. I use some of the techniques from time to time to this day
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Originally Posted by sirwired View Post
Carbolic acid is a disinfectant, like for cleaning surgical instruments, it's not something you take as a drug to treat infections. (It does have some use as a drug; it's the active ingredient (in small, dilute, doses) in throat spray.)
It was used as a topical medication to treat or prevent infections. You used to be able to buy carbolated Vaseline and similar preparations for application to wounds and abrasions. Phenol was also used similarly.


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