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Originally Posted by The Other Waldo Pepper View Post
Do we get to count Lin-Manuel Miranda?
Ha, well I'm not the OP, but if I were then I would say no. A play is very different than a musical, and even if it weren't, I would still maintain that writing a show and acting in it is very different than writing a novel and a song and a play. Or, in Shepard's case, writing plays but acting in films.
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Harrison Schmitt: Ph.D. in geology, Apollo astronaut, U.S. Senator, adjunct university professor (of engineering physics, not geology), probable photographer of one of the most famous images ever taken.
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Nick Offerman - actor, woodworker, author
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Hollywood kept trying to buy Sylvester Stallone's ROCKY script, but he kept turning them down so long as they planned to cast someone else starring in the lead role. And so the picture eventually got made the way he'd hoped -- with him picking up Oscar nominations for his performance and his screenplay -- and he then started playing actor/writer/director for the blockbuster ROCKY II. And then again for the bigger blockbuster that was ROCKY III; and again, for the even bigger blockbuster that was ROCKY IV; and he did it again for ROCKY BALBOA, too.

(With plenty of other credits as actor or writer or director too, of course.)
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Author Andrew Vachss has led a life that would be considered "unreal" if it were fiction. Freedom fighter, attorney for children accused of sex crime, an expert in sexual predators, founder of a therapy dog program to help sexually abused children, and author of 33 books.
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Originally Posted by RealityChuck View Post
Eric Idle - writer, actor, songwriter (for Spamalot).
Plus The Rutles.

Clint Eastwood: Actor, director, producer.

Mike Nesmith: Singer, songwriter, author.
Davy Jones: Actor, singer, songwriter.
Micky Dolenz: Actor, singer, songwriter, woodworker.
Peter Tork: Singer, musician, songwriter, teacher.


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^ Clint Eastwood: add pianist and soundtrack to the list.
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Originally Posted by RealityChuck View Post
Mel Brooks. Writer, movie producer, director, actor, writer of hit Broadway musicals (including writing the songs)
Plays jazz drums, too.


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