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Old 07-02-2017, 10:57 AM
Zerkaa Zerkaa is offline
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What is the most valuable thing you have left behind when you have moved out?

Out of anywhere

When I moved out of my third home , I left behind 4 of the harry potter books by mistake
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Baker Baker is offline
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I don't think I've ever left anything behind that I'd regret losing. I've always doublechecked everything. The things I'd hate to lose are last to go, so I can keep a closer eye on them.

When I last moved I left for last a fragile glass sculpture of two cranes, by the glass artist Mitsugi Ohno. I picked it up, and my mom opened and shut doors behind me as I left the apartment, walked down the stairs, got in and out of the car, and entered the new place. I didn't even want to take the chance of wrapping it.

I'm proud to own anything this man made

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jtur88 jtur88 is offline
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My baseball cards when I went to college. My mom took them to the church rummage sale. Mantle and Mays rookie cards.
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PastTense PastTense is offline
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Nothing. I moved stuff most people would have decluttered. (I started to declutter but soon realized it would take me forever.)

I expect for most people it would be large, heavy stuff such as furniture and appliances.
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What Exit? What Exit? is offline
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Does a pool count? I had recently had the liner replaced, I had replaced the filter and pump myself pretty recently also. An in-ground pool is pretty much a hole in the ground you fill with money.
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Trancephalic Trancephalic is offline
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The house!
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burpo the wonder mutt burpo the wonder mutt is offline
Join Date: May 2012
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A hand sander that was a gift from my wife.
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Jackmannii Jackmannii is offline
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When we moved out of our rental home in suburban Philadelphia, I left behind the frame and trays of a fluorescent light plant growing stand. Cost me something to replace, but there just wasn't room in the rented truck.

*I later learned there was a semi-frenzy in the neighborhood among people coming by to snatch up not only the plant stand, but a variety of other inexpensive oddments we left out with the garbage as well as plants and shrubs they dug up from the garden. A couple of over-enthusiasts even tried to haul off the outdoor A/C unit, which must have pleased my sleazy landlord no end.

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panache45 panache45 is offline
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Location: NE Ohio (the 'burbs)
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I once had a cherished memento of my favorite composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff. It had a photo of him on the left, and on the right was an autographed letter. It was beautifully matted within a red and gold frame. The piece was bundled along with some original art work. I have no idea what happened to the bundle during the move, but it never wound up in the new place with everything else.
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burpo the wonder mutt burpo the wonder mutt is offline
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...and my BP meds. Fortunately, had to come back to retrieve our second car and found them in the trash.
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beowulff beowulff is offline
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When I moved to Phoenix, I had everything that I packed make it in one piece, nothing broken, nothing missing. Except for the power cord for my Sabtronics meter. Now, 34 years later, the meter is long gone, but I still think that some day (probably when I move into the Alzheimer's ward) I will find it when I pack this house, and look in some hidden cranny where I stuffed it for the first move.
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Chefguy Chefguy is online now
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Somehow, all of my photos of the 1964 Alaska earthquake got left behind in one of my many military moves. Irreplaceable, of course.
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ThisSpaceForRent ThisSpaceForRent is online now
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I've left and given away 2 house and two dogs....I would love to have had the dogs.
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Gatopescado Gatopescado is online now
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I left my dignity somewhere in Las Vegas.
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HoneyBadgerDC HoneyBadgerDC is offline
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I left all my wood working tools at my ex's in the garage when I got divorced. I was supposed to have them up in 6 months but drug my feet a couple months past the day. When I went to pick them up they were gone. Supposedly we were burglarized, her new bow friend happened to be a contractor. Maybe $2,000, all my mechanic tools of much greater value were still in place.
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Olentzero Olentzero is offline
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Location: Stockholm, Sweden
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Didn't realize how valuable at the time, but we had a fairly sizable collection of old glass projector slides from the silent movie days sitting in our cellar. Easily between 50 and 100. Not sure where we got 'em from - my dad probably picked them up at a flea market somewhere when I was a toddler. I thought they were neat, but left them there when we moved out.

Fast forward a couple of years and some fellow on Antiques Roadshow has a couple boxes on him; the expert tells him they were going for around $75 a pop at the time.
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kayaker kayaker is online now
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Location: Western Pennsylvania
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Originally Posted by Gatopescado View Post
I left my dignity somewhere in Las Vegas.
If you ever return, you're likely to find it still there, untouched.
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Little Nemo Little Nemo is offline
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Big things I didn't want to bother moving: a couch, a dryer, a freezer. It was easier to just leave behind the old one and buy a new one and have it delivered.
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blondebear blondebear is offline
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Of sentimental value mostly--a National Park Passport book with about 12 years worth of stamps.
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Hilarity N. Suze Hilarity N. Suze is offline
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Moved into a rental house, lived there three years. It wasn't supposed to be that long, so there was a lot we didn't unpack. When we left, we left behind a box that had some cookbooks and, I have no idea why, both my husband's and my college diplomas. Because that's where they fit, I guess.

We didn't even know we'd left them there until three months later when the landlord dropped them off at our new place with a "thought you might need these" note. (Actually, we did not need these, but I at least was glad to have them back.)
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DesertDog DesertDog is offline
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An Agfa copy camera.

Back in the day they were used by print shops to shoot offset plates. The paste-up would be placed under glass in the platform on the bottom and the plate to be exposed would be placed under the lid on top. The two hand cranks were waist high and would raise or lower the paste-up platform and the lens (at the bottom of the bellows in the middle) so you could get the enlargement or reduction ratio where you wanted it, 4:1 to 1:4 IIRC. The two wings on either side were the lights for the paste-up.

It was part of a failed business scheme and in those pre-desktop publishing days, worth about a thousand dollars.
Old 07-04-2017, 12:43 PM
Soylent Juicy Soylent Juicy is offline
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I had an epic brain glitch when I was 27 and left behind a $2000 Tri-Star vacuum cleaner with an ex-boyfriend when I moved out. To this very day I miss that vacuum.

When I was 12 I moved out of my dad's apartment and into my mom's, taking pretty much just what I could carry. At the old apartment there was an attic that had my entire childhood in it - these were the days before thrift stores, Kijijji etc. and you just stored away things you didn't use anymore. Well my dad moved out and left all my stuff behind. I'm talking Fisher Price toys, Red Rose tea figurines, hockey cards (so many cards - hockey, baseball, movies, etc.) - I had 3 Wayne Gretzky rookie cards. Everything left behind. I just hope that whoever bought that house and renovated it found my treasure and made good money.
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Corner Case Corner Case is online now
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I left my violin in the attic. It was from when I was in elementary/jr-high school. I hadn't used it in decades. The finish was drying and the cat hair bow was unraveling. I had restored it a bit a decade earlier, but hadn't kept up with it. More sentimental value than anything.

We bought a second-hand couch for the upstairs game room. It took us at least an hour to negotiate the stairs. I thought it was going to turn into a Dirk Gently Holistic Sofa event, but we finally got it up, with only a few gouges in the plaster. It is GOING to be left behind.
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CairoCarol CairoCarol is offline
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Location: Indonesia and Hawaii
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We left thousands of dollars worth of curtains behind, on purpose, when we left a rental home in Jakarta a few years ago. I wanted to break the ridiculous cycle that has developed in the expat rental market there: houses are often rented without curtains, so you have to have them custom-made, which is incredibly expensive and a total pain in the ass (especially for newcomers who don't speak Indonesian and who are unfamiliar with where to buy things in the city). So when people leave their house, they think, "hell, I paid thousands of dollars for those curtains and it was a huge headache to acquire them, I'll be damned if I'm going to leave them behind" - even though the chances of the curtains being the right number/size/shape/color for a new house are fairly slim.

I said, "screw that, let's be nice to our landlord, who was nice to us, and make the empty house more inviting for future rentals by leaving the curtains." So we did.

A few weeks later we went back to the house to meet the landlord and finish up some last minute administrative matters, and THE CURTAINS WERE GONE. The guard (who came with the house and had been employed by the landlord for many years) had evidently decided that if we didn't want them, he would take them. We told the landlord that we were really disappointed to see the curtains had disappeared.

The good news is that the curtains came back! I take it the landlord discussed the matter with the guard, who had fortunately not cut up or resold the curtains yet, and told the guard to put them back in the house.

The house has since been rented. I hope the new tenants like the curtains, not to mention the convenience and savings of not having to buy any.

(Karma note: we've since moved into a house that also has pre-existing curtains - quite nice ones, actually.)
Old 07-26-2017, 03:51 PM
furryman furryman is offline
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I had a collection of Wacky Packages, probably worth a couple of hundred dollars that I put in storage when I moved. They vanished when I had all my stuff that was in storage mailed to me. Why I didn't take them with me I'll never know. The whole collection fit in a shoebox.
Old 07-26-2017, 05:22 PM
Sunny Daze Sunny Daze is offline
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When we moved cross-country, a number of my husband's computers disappeared. He used them for research projects. We arrived in our new home, and the computers didn't. No idea what happened (but I speculate that the movers were involved).
Old 07-27-2017, 03:18 AM
smithsb smithsb is offline
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Originally Posted by jtur88 View Post
My baseball cards when I went to college. My mom took them to the church rummage sale. Mantle and Mays rookie cards.
Shit, complete Yankee teams from 1952 to 1964, damn, damn damn.

Parents first TV (and neighborhood for that matter). Sylvania with a 8/10' diagonal blue screen sometime in the early 50s. We'd have 12-15 neighbors come over for certain shows. Big cabinet boxes to either side with the myriad tubes. Good times with my father dragging tubes to the drug store that had a tester. Still worked in the 90s. Brother-in-law and sister sold the house as a lot to an auction house for a single price when my mother passed while I was overseas.
Old 07-29-2017, 06:44 AM
Melbourne Melbourne is offline
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Valuable? I guess I'm in the wrong thread, but when I was 3, I left my toy boat under the claw-foot bathtub in the house in Minneapolis. It had a rubber-band stretched across the back, through which was threaded a paddle wheel, so you could wind it up and let it go.

At three, I didn't fully understand the concept of "Leaving, and never coming back".
Old 07-29-2017, 09:04 PM
OldGuy OldGuy is online now
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When we sold our co-op in Chicago we sold it with the washer & dryer. At the closing the new buyers then said they didn't want them. But we weren't even in town any more (long story). Fortunately our lawyer said, he could use them so rather than us hiring someone to take them out, he did.
Old 07-30-2017, 02:39 AM
jtur88 jtur88 is offline
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Two weeks ago, I moved (permanently) eleven time zones away. Everything was left behind except my carry-on bag. I arranged for a friend to dispose of everything, and handed over my security deposit to her. So the answer is "nearly everything". However, my $99 TV from WalMart probably tops the value list.
Old 07-31-2017, 02:00 AM
echoreply echoreply is offline
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Not me, but my tenants. Just this weekend I was cleaning my condo between renters, and found a necklace in the closet. I sent a picture to the previous tenants and said I could send it to them. The wife texted back, "I don't recognize that necklace..."

The tenants prior to that moved out of state and left a few towels in the washing machine, a nice cookie sheet, cooling rack, and some other random kitchen stuff. None of it was worth shipping, but much of it I still use.
Old 07-31-2017, 09:15 AM
DesertDog DesertDog is offline
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Originally Posted by OldGuy View Post
When we sold our co-op in Chicago we sold it with the washer & dryer. At the closing the new buyers then said they didn't want them. But we weren't even in town any more (long story). Fortunately our lawyer said, he could use them so rather than us hiring someone to take them out, he did.
I bought a condo with a washer/dryer nook on the second floor, empty. Getting the dryer upstairs was a piece of cake, but the washer...

Two of us below with our backs to it, two more above pulling on a strap wrapped around it. One step at a time with a few breaths in between. When we had it settled in place I declared, "When we leave, the washer stays!" to which DesertWife heartily concurred.
Old 07-31-2017, 09:40 AM
Shoeless Shoeless is online now
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One house I lived in with three other guys during college, I left behind a bike and a telescope when I moved out rather abruptly. We had a dirt bag landlord who refused to do anything about our water pipes that kept freezing up in the winter. So one by one we all just moved out. When I found out the last one of us had moved out, I went back to the house to see if my stuff was there but it was gone. I don't think it was any of my housemates, it was likely either the landlord or someone in the crew he had doing repair work after he left.
Old 07-31-2017, 11:45 AM
BwanaBob BwanaBob is offline
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During my multi-staged move to Maryland I seem to have lost my old handheld GPS which I really liked, since it had a bunch of waypoints that were not backed up. That's because it was a basic model that had no USB hookup.
Old 07-31-2017, 11:57 AM
ElvisL1ves ElvisL1ves is online now
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My snowblower and shovel, when I moved to Florida. Left 'em as a housewarming gift to the new owners.


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