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I usually go to bed at 4:00 AM. I should be getting into the habit of hitting the hay at 2:00 AM (school starting soon, and all that).

But I'm awake. At 5:30. I'm sure my brain really wants to go to sleep (I'm hearing things and seeing things in the shadows). But I'm still awake. And posting this. Why am I doing this? Anyone else do something stupid like this? Anyone else know that they're doing something stupid, but keep doing it anyway?

Hell, I hate starting threads, yet I'm awake at 5:30 and doing just that. This must be the Witching Hour... or, judging by how my back feels, the Itching Hour.

Jeez, it's so late my jokes are even worse than usual.
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Don't worry. It's probably just a symptom of your impending descent into homicidal sociopathy. (Is that a word?) Relax. Pull out the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee comics and have a good read.
'Never say "no" to adventure. Always say "yes". Otherwise you'll lead a very dull life.' -- Commander Caractacus Pott, R.N. (Retired)

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