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I think that most of you should be ashamed for repeating rhetoric without researching the evidence. 1. You have to realize that there's a war between the parties. 2. Why haven't you researched FOR The Truth?! 3. There is loads of evidence flooding the internet and youtube. I'm sorry if you think that a MEME is evidence. The DEMS / MSM is not telling The Truth about much of anything. Their many lies are far worse.

Or, do you seriously think that most Americans are deplorable and worthless?

Q. WHO said this crap? Are they your friend or foe?
- Yes - Really? You let your friends talk like this without a challenge or just strangers?! Is this how you really feel? I think that you may need new friends.

A. You DO NOT have a clue until you RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF who your friends and foes are. We cannot simply trust a stranger to tell us the truth. Does that make sense to you? I mean, unless I ask family or a lifelong friend, my kid won't have a babysitter. Oh yes, I'm going to get really deep in a minute. Keep reading...

Otherwise, you are just like-minded, like the guys at the bar, all drinking the same drink. Ok regulars, stay with me...

MOST people think that most are good people. THAT is a healthy way of thinking. Except for those who are pure evil, like Jeffrey Epstein who duped a lot of elites and some of our civil servants into that sick life of kidnapping, raping and eating children and people on his island, in hotels and on his airplane. BUT, Epstein was NOT the ring leader. Nor an elite by right. He wiggled himself into their elite lair by corruption. But, who opened that door? I've seen evidence about Hitlery that made seasoned officers cry and vomit. Thank GOD for good folks at NYPD who confiscated Anthony Weiner's laptop and made copies and sent them to whomever they thought would do the right thing. What they found were Hitlery's emails and videos of Anthony, his wife, Huma Abdine, who was also Hitlery's aid, among others that were not named, doing the unthinkable to children - like demons. I wish that I would have downloaded that video. But, it's been labeled as child porn, so it's no longer being shared online. Still, thousands of us saw it before it was squashed.

Bloomberg is in a photo with Jeffrey Epstein's girlfriend and child handler --

Why is 5G internet signal bad for us? There are LOTS of stories online from people who have gotten sick, and even whole families. Not everyone feels the affects of 5G. but that doesn't mean that it's not working against your body/mind. We no longer have 5G in our area.

What is KURU? Why is Kuru called the Laughing disease? Kuru is a very rare disease. It is caused by an infectious protein (prion) found in contaminated human brain tissue. Kuru causes brain and nervous system changes similar to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

I bet you may be able to guess who has it by doing a little research.
(Hitlery, Comey, Warren, Pelosi are at the top of the list)

Because, the Corrupt Ones are also child abductors, child-sex-trade, etc., and in being this way, they support millions of other perverts on black markets, worldwide. But, just 300,000 children are missing in the US every year. -so- I've had to explain to my young son why he has to pay attention to his surroundings when he plays outside or when we're away from home, such as shopping in a store, or playing at the park. Thanks to websites that list these perverted criminal's addresses on a map, we know that we are surrounded. (And, even I know know that a few of these people were wrongly charged, but we still have 32 perverts surrounding us!) So, we're covering all the ways of kidnappers. (ie. Anti-Kidnapping Tips for Kids : Double Wrist Release Anti-Kidnapping Defense --

Thanks to team Trump, the main frame of child-sex-trafficking has been STOPPED between countries. Now, our law enforcement is entwined with any professional who deals with children, and they're working on teaching and training the public how to recognize a child abductor or pervert. The Boy Scouts offered us training last year.

We've known FOR YEARS that our gov't has been corrupt. The Corrupt Ones have picked apart every POTUS and congressman who threatened the Corrupt Ones to be arrested.

WATCH THIS VIDEO that the Corrupt DEMS do not want you to see...
<b>Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 - 2017)</b> --

The DEMS DePopulation Plan has been in affect for years; air, food and water! Trump's Team is working to clean it up, to give every person a healthy chance at life. We no longer have chemical trails in our skies! Don't believe the debunking about theorists believing chem-trails. I've seen the evidence from REAL Scientists who post the evidence online FOR ALL TO SEE.

I have more evidence if you care to see it. Otherwise, do your own research and SEE EVIDENCE from Q, lawyers, witnesses, NEW News Reporters & Investigators @youtube and other websites (Gab, Minds, What choice do we have since our mainstream media is as corrupt as google, facebook and twitter?! Search Engine choice: This is my youtube list...

A Anon
Black Conservative Patriot
Greg Hunter
JustInformed Talk
The Next News Network
Tru Reporting
#TheGreatAwakening #WakeUP #WalkAway


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