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There's no way they accept it, which is why I wish the pretender candidates would have gotten out sooner than they did.

On the other hand, I wish Biden's campaign would have been more aggressive early on. They played not to lose and they showed no passion. Biden's whole campaign was "I got to wash Barack's jock strap" and "I'm electable."
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The last 2 dem nominees were a black man and a woman. Dem voters wanted to get away from white males.

Biden is also the "its his turn" candidate meaning the party member with the most clout and experience. Sort of like Bob Dole and John McCain were. Hillary was also that candidate.

Come to think of it the last 3 dems who won the white house (Carter, Clinton, Obama) were in ways "outsiders" and not the parties most established politician.

Will they get behind a white male who is deeply entrenched in the establishment and really offers nothing to the far left wing of the party? Will they instead of voting dem, get behind a 3rd party candidate? Hard to say.

Sanders is a white male but at least offers some major changes.
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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
If you only go back to the post Reagan era, yeah the party hasn't changed much (if anything it has moved left since the 90s).

However going back to earlier in the 20th century, the democratic party has moved very far to the right. Large scale ideas like the ones from FDR and LBJ would never pass in a modern democratic party, not even on a state level where democrats have supermajorities in congress.

Sanders is pretty in line with FDR. FDR was a mainstream well respected democrat in the 1930s and 1940s. Sanders is portrayed as a radical extremist.

The party has moved to the right, a lot of which can be traced back to the Reagan revolution, the abolition of the fairness doctrine, the rise in lobbying and corporate power, and the southern strategy in the mid/late 20th century.
Even if we go back that far I think the party has still moved to the left.

Regarding the Southern Strategy, that made the party more liberal. The effect was that Dixiecrats, who were the most conservative members, became Republicans. This applies to both the voters and the elected officials.

Regarding LBJ and FDR, letís look at some of their signature achievements. LBJcare (Medicare) was an improvement on what came before, but Obamacare improves on that. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a great achievement. But if someone were to try to convince me that minorities were treated better in 1965 than in 2015 or even 2020, Iíd laugh at them. Whatever aspects of FDRís great society have been weakened were weakened by Republicans, not subsequent Democrats.

If FDR and LBJ were around today, I have no doubt they would be liberal. But the FDR from the 30s and 40s and the LBJ from the 60s were not more liberal than current day Amy Klobuchar or Pete Buttigieg.


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