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Old 03-22-2020, 09:20 PM
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Effect of work-from-home on internet and phone system?

Our business voip provider (MyNetFone) is in meltdown, and for some reason our mobile phones are working spasmodically.

All the providers are citing increased demand, and say they are working to add capacity and more local call-center staff.

The mobile phone problem could be just local, and the voip problem might be limited to one provider, but people are suggesting that the failures are might be due to increased demand.

The phone and internet companies keep you in the dark at the best of times, so the fact that nobody is giving any clear explanation for what's going on doesn't mean anything.
Old 03-22-2020, 09:41 PM
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Well, I see that the Australian government has asked Netflix and other streaming services to consider reducing the default bit rate at which they stream.

There have been other reports of degraded service due to the high volume of traffic, not just from people working from home but from additional demand for streaming and gaming services from people who are quarantined, or who simply aren't going out to cinemas, restaurants or pubs. I'm completely ignorant on the technical side, and I don't know what capacity there may be for rationing or prioritising the available bandwith, should it come to that.
Old 03-23-2020, 06:00 AM
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Here in Toronto Iím not seeing major issues. We have carrier grade VOIP delivered over fibre on a VLAN (not over the Internet), but it then connects to Microsoft Teams on the same fibre but on the internet.

Iíve got some staff that appear to have congestion, but they seem to have fairly low speed cable (15/5) to start with. No cell phones issues at all.
Old 03-23-2020, 07:44 AM
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I have business internet at home. Running the laptop, no problem. VOIP stutters. I cannot stream anything while working (not that I should be anyways) as VOIP becomes useless. We used to have issued cellphones, but they were deemed too expensive and everyone had to return them. It's my understanding sections that have extremely high call volume are being sent phones this week.
Old 03-23-2020, 09:55 AM
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I might be seeing the occasional slowdown, but it's sporadic enough that I can't swear to it.

Our in-house wi-fi has become sensitive to whether someone is running the microwave oven; it was doing that for a while, then quit, and is now doing it again in the past week or so. I suspect that is unconnected.

Another aspect to the remote work is whether people using things like Citrix (virtual desktop) are experiencing slowdowns due to increased demands on those servers. In this, I'm fairly lucky in that a) my project doesn't use that kind of tool, and b) the kind of telework we've ben doing, we've been doing for 6+ years so our infrastructure has been in place for that long, and there's no increase in demand.
Old 03-23-2020, 11:01 AM
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Mine has been pretty slow to load for a couple days, but might be a little better today.

I will lose my mind if I don't have tv or internet.
Old 03-23-2020, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by not what you'd expect View Post
Mine has been pretty slow to load for a couple days, but might be a little better today.

I will lose my mind if I don't have tv or internet.
Our local phone-cable-net monopoly is no slower than usual. Only a few sites have slow responses or recurring server errors. If we were still in the workforce, WFH would be tolerable.

Life without phone-cable-net here would be excruciating but almost doable. Almost, because the phone line is essential. Otherwise, radio picks up a few stations. We have much to read and listen to offline aka physical. We'd be entertained but isolated. Help!
Old 03-23-2020, 02:24 PM
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In the Netherlands, Netflix, YouTube and Disney+ are streaming lower quality content (which I really don't notice) in order to keep internet fast.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn moto g(6) met Tapatalk
Old 03-23-2020, 03:11 PM
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Been working from home at this location for 15 years. Never had a problem with my Spectrum Home connection. Things are really bad today...I'm wanting to complain about other WFH people and people streaming, but I never got myself Spectrum Business so maybe the problem lies with me and my decisions.

Still not sure if the load is the problem. I just switched to using Google DNS, we'll see if that helps.
Old 03-24-2020, 02:49 PM
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On a related note, I'm curious if the spike in people working from home has had any effect on the power grid. On a normal work day my house is dark, everything is turned off except for things that run all the time like the fridge, and the thermostat is set to "eco" temperatures. Now I'm at home with the lights on, work laptop and monitor plugged in and running (they let us bring our monitors and docking stations home in addition to our laptops), radio on, thermostat set to a comfortable temperature. And since I work for a defense company which is considered essential, the lights and HVAC are still on there, too. On the other hand maybe there are non-essential businesses that are completely shut down, so maybe it balances out, but I'm not sure.


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