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I've seen Bin Laden referred to as either Osama or Usama.

Are they just trying to be cool like the way they say "Mooslim" instead of "Muslim".

Which is it?
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WAG: it doesn't matter, both are English phonetic spellings of the Arabic. As we use a different alphabet, there is no "correct" spelling in English. It does seem that the Brits tend to use "Usama" and the Americans "Osama", which could be the source of your confusion.
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It reminds me of how there are so many different spellings for the current leader of Libya, Muamer Quakhagadaffi.

By the way, is Fox the only network that uses "Usama"? I would be curious as to the motives for choosing one spelling over another, especially when most Americans seems to go with Osama.
Old 10-03-2001, 10:02 AM
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The U/O is pronounced like the "u" in "put". Any Arabic name starting with this sound (e.g. Omar/Umar) can be spelt with either a "u" or an "o" in English.

Bin Laden's name is spelt "Usama" on the Interpol "Wanted" poster. That's how I prefer to spell it myself but I don't think it makes any difference.
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It's spelled: alif seen alif meem taa marbuta. Obviously, you pronounce it the way it's spelled.
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And then there's Taliban vs Taleban...
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Since this has been discussed recently, I'll close this thread and direct any remaining unanswered questions to the earlier thread, Osama Usama bin Laden?
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