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Will Pheromones Make You Irresistible To The Opposite Sex

Scientifically, I have not the vaguest idea. But I can safely state that neither do the manufacturers. My 22-yr-old son has bought into the advertising from the makers of Axe "fragrances" and I've had to ban the use of any of their products from my house. I'm sure there might be a woman somewhere who's turned on by the overpowering smell of bug spray, but certainly not any in MY memory. (I can't speak for EVERY woman because I'm reminded of the scene in "Porky's" featuring "Lassie" and something about sweat socks...)
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I haven't the vaguest idea what column you are referring to, but I do know that none of the "pheromone" peu-fume manufacturers are using human pheromones, since none have been identified. They are using bug-juice or cat-piss. No human pheromones in any of the products for sale, and thus useless, even if human pheromones would work. Rip job best avoided.

ETA: Oops, my mistake, you did link the column.

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