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The traveller who fell down a volcano, missed his boat twice, and crossed a military zone

A rather amusing blog post about the time one bloke fell off a volcano.

If you've read it - is it just me or are Kim and Garth dicks? They didn't call back to him when they realised he hadn't caught up with them, or wait for him?

And does Gav not feel any guilt over making the woman miss her mother's funeral? " Though I don’t know what you are doing, it must surely involve life. That’s more important.” Well no, you were helping a priviledged first world white dude get back to his luxury cruise. Not that important, apart from being fodder for his blog post.

But I did like the idea of him wandering round back on board incognito, listening to his own legend

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Kim and Garth? LOL totally made me think of Garth & Kat, one of the worst recurring bits on Saturday Night Live.

I wonder if they were part of the JoCo cruise or just on the boat? Pretty shitty of them to lose him but then again look at all the shit they missed out on by getting to the boat on time.

Mostly I could not believe how this guy had the money to do all of this stuff. I'd be like "well, I guess I have to have my dad buy me a ticket back to Cleveland and have the ship mail me all my junk."
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Glad I'm not the only guy who fell off a volcano, on the Island of Guadeloupe. And yeah, coming back down is a whole lot harder than climbing.


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