19 year old Florida pitcher headed to Japan , not MLB

To clarify, Lonzo, the eldest who plays for the Lakers, never played in Europe. He went to UCLA.

heres a story saying Japan could be a “competitive alternative” to the minors for some people and makes an argument for redoing the farm system all together MSN

The way minor league players are treated is disgusting. Low pay, substandard living conditions and it’s a system created by MLB openers to not pay fair money and perpetrated by the MLB players union because big leaguers have this macho and political view of the “Big Show” and want to make it as hard as possible for minor leaguers to make it to their level.

Good for him. He found a way to bypass an unfair system and guarantee himself at the very least financial security for the rest of his life, at the very best a chance to make even more money at MLB at the peak of his skills.
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