2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees

She recorded it at 16, but I bow down to your greater knowledge about when it was released.

Many years later, another teenaged girl would record a song that was released to teach her that it was terrible and that everyone would hate it, only to have it sell massively.

But I don’t think Rebecca “Gotta get down on FRIIIday” Black is likely to become a Hall of Famer.

Do relations among the original band members ever play a roll in induction? I seem to remember that Blondie wasn’t allowed to play at their induction because members refused to take the stage with an original member (Gary Valentine?). That would explain why a groundbreaking group like the GoGos are still overlooked 40 years after their first record (with their original, long-estranged bass player.)

Induction? Probably not. There’s often a lot of heat and angst about whether band members who have been on the outs with each other will “kiss and make up” for the induction ceremony and concert, and there are sometimes questions (and discussions) about which members of a particular band wind up on the roster which is submitted for induction, but I don’t think that it plays a major role on whether or not a group gets voted in.

The reason I wondered that is that the annual concert must be a huge percentage of the Hall of Fame’s revenue. Might they be hesitant to induct active acts that won’t play in that concert? I guess it would be easier to drop the inclusion rule that prevented Brodie from performing. Perhaps they already have.

The Hall started as a noble project. Once the suits get full control I foresee it changing to the point where only the most popular, prettiest and high sales volumes are (secretly) permitted as inductees. It will make good business sense for attracting paid admissions and the sale of paraphernalia.

Are The Guess Who in the Hall yet? If not, they should be.

They’re not. I’m a little more surprised that BTO aren’t in, and I’m pretty sure that neither have been nominated.

I’m not sure that that’s the case. I have no doubt that the concert has historially been a hot ticket, and I also have no doubt that the Hall makes a few bucks by selling the broadcast rights to it (to HBO, if I remember correctly). But, that’s one concert, with attendance probably in the high 4 to low 5 digits (and a lot of attendees probably getting in on comp tickets).

I would suspect that, at least prior to COVID, most of their operating revenue was probably coming from ticket sales to the Hall itself, in Cleveland (the admission price is $26), and merchandise sales from their gift shop.

It’s probably game over for pretty much every notable 60’s-70’s [to ~1975-77] classic rock act still left on the outside looking in. Note that none of them got nominated this year, aside from Rundgren (the Dolls are proto-punk). The Hall doesn’t have the equivalent of football or baseball’s Senior/Veteran’s Committees.

Whole lotta ‘non-rock n’ roll’ on that list.

I can’t believe Chaka isn’t in already! There are artists who are nominated, but don’t want it. Linda Ronstadt was nominated in the 90’s, but at that time she was a bit put off by the industry, I guess. She refused it, as a feminist statement, I think.

Ronstadt was inducted in 2014, but had already stopped performing because of Parkinson’s disease. She did say that even had she been healthy, she didn’t care much about awards and might not have attended anyway.

I know. But, in the 90’s she basically told them what to do with their award. I think there was a lot of shadiness going on at that time concerning the HOF. I remember reading about it in Rolling Stone at that time, but I am so sorry that I can’t remember the details. The 90’s was a weird time in music, especially in Rock. Turns out, it only had a little life left in the mainstream…

I’ve read of her early work, incorporating dance, music, singing and video, as basically Madonna, before there was a Madonna. Fantastically gifted performer. Even if the only song of hers most US residents know is Running Up That Hill.

EDIT: I mean, can you imagine if this tour of hers was around when MTV got big? Talk about ahead of her time…

She was amazing! We wouldn’t have many female (or male!) singer/songwriters with that literal, poetic bent to their lyrics if it weren’t for her. And that angelic, heartbreaking soprano! She needs to be acknowledged for her enormous influence on modern songwriting.

Picks are in

Foo Fighters
· The Go-Go’s
· Carole King
· Todd Rundgren
· Tina Turner

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021 inductees are.... | CNN

So the Go-Go’s get in, but Jethro Tull and Devo do not. Interesting.

Do men have fantasies about Jethro Tull or Devo members? That probably explains part of it.

In addition to the inductees who were voted in on the main ballot, the following artists are also being inducted under special categories (note that this appears to mean that Kraftwerk has finally gotten in, after being on the main ballot a number of times, but not making it in):

Early Influence Award:

  • Kraftwerk
  • Charley Patton
  • Gil Scott-Heron

Musical Excellence Award:

  • LL Cool J
  • Billy Preston
  • Randy Rhoads

Ahmet Ertegun Award:

  • Clarence Avant

No Fela Kuti or Kate Bush then. Oh well…