2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

Leon Spinks American former professional boxer
Michael Schumacher retired German racing driver
Shannen Doherty American actress
Linda Nolan Irish singer, actress and television personality
Tom Parker English singer
Billy Connolly Scottish retired stand-up comedian
James Whale English radio presenter
Sarah Harding English singer, model, and actress
Gerd Muller German former professional footballer
Rush Limbaugh American radio personality
Lee Child British author real name James Grant
Greg Gilbert Musician
Julie Strain American actress and model

Clean list

Leon Spinks
Michael Schumacher
Shannen Doherty
Linda Nolan
Tom Parker
Billy Connolly
James Whale
Sarah Harding
Gerd Muller
Rush Limbaugh
Lee Child
Greg Gilbert
Julie Strain

Oh shit, gotta throw this together if I’m going to play at all! I must say, I knocked five people off my list last year and made it to 19th place…maybe I should just go out in a blaze of glory.

Nah, let’s do this.

  1. Linda Ronstadt
  2. Rush Limbaugh
  3. Shannen Doherty
  4. Bernie Madoff
  5. Donald Trump
  6. George Zimmerman
  7. John Daly (golfer)
  8. Tom Parker (The Wanted)
  9. Olivia Newton John
  10. Al Roker
  11. Loretta Lynn
  12. John Astin
  13. Mel Brooks
    Alternate: Dick Van Dyke

Clean list:

Linda Ronstadt
Rush Limbaugh
Shannen Doherty
Bernie Madoff
Donald Trump
George Zimmerman
John Daly
Tom Parker
Olivia Newton John
Al Roker
Loretta Lynn
John Astin
Mel Brooks

For anyone interested in doing a bandwagon selection here are the current top 13.

Rush Limbaugh 35
Shannen Doherty 23
Olivia Newton John 21
Tom Parker 21
Donald Trump 20
Jimmy Carter 18
Jeff Bridges 13
Linda Nolan 10
Mitch McConnell 9
Mel Brooks 8
Michael J. Fox 8
Prince Philip 8
Rudy Giuliani 8

As always, I have no idea what I’m doing. Here goes:

Jimmy Carter
Clint Eastwood
Queen Elizabeth II
Dianne Feinstein
Chuck Grassley
Gene Hackman
Angela Lansbury
Rush Limbaugh
Bob Newhart
Prince Philip
Donald Trump
Betty White
Don Young

I will just recycle most of my list of immortals

Boris Spassky
Ali Khamenei
Ralph Steadman
Violetta Chamorro
Aung San Suu Kyi
Muhammad Saeed al Sahhaf
Joseph Kabila
Dalai Lama
Gérard Depardieu
Peter Garrett

(the eighth name on there is Baghdad Bob)

And so it begins. The game is afoot!

I just noticed I did not post a clean list when I added a new person.

Anna Akana
Bianca Byndloss
Jeff Bridges
Steve Gleason
Cyrah Harris
Ron Jeremy
Olivia Newton John
Rush Limbaugh
Dave Mustaine
Linda Nolan
Tom Parker
Larry Storch
John Szeles

Chubby Checker
Shecky Greene
Doc Severinsen

Johnny Ruffo
Shannen Doherty
Ryan O’Neal
Dawn Fraser
Robert Redford
Ben Cousins
The Amazing Johnathon
Bert Newton
Julian Assange
Judy Moran
Alan Jones
Liza Minelli
Richard O’Sullivan

Post Malone
Lou Christie
Tony Sirico
Edward Fox
John Goodman
Bernie Ecclestone
David Soul
John Irving
Bob Dornan
Alan Greenspan

Trying to go with 100% unique picks here. I’ll be really pissed off if anyone poaches my people!

Same list, identifying information.

Johnny Ruffo - Australian actor b 8 March 1988
Shannen Doherty - American actor b 12 April 1971
Ryan O’Neal - American actor b 20 April 1940
Dawn Fraser - Australian Olympian b 4 September 1937
Robert Redford - American Actor b 18 August 1936
Ben Cousins - Australian football player b 30 June 1978
The Amazing Johnathon - American comedian b 9 September 1958
Bert Newton - Australian media personality b 23 July 1938
Julian Assange - Australian activist b 7 March 1971
Judy Moran - Australian crime matriarch b 18 December 1944
Alan Jones - Australian radio personality b 13 April 1941
Liza Minelli - American entertainer b 3 December 1946
Richard O’Sullivan - English comedy actor b 5 July 1944

If I’ve bungled any of the dates of birth, the occupation should help identify who I mean :slight_smile:

@Lamoral that’s 10 - you need 3 more

Okay, I’ll do the same:

Post Malone - American musician with a lot of tattoos on his face, who seems like he lives hard and fast, though maybe he’ll surprise us all by living well into his old age
Lou Christie - American singer, best known for “Lightnin’ Strikes”
Tony Sirico - American actor who played Paulie on The Sopranos, known for having “wings” in his hair and real-life connections with La Cosa Nostra…allegedly…maybe…you didn’t hear it from me
Edward Fox - Prolific British actor of stage and screen, probably best known as “The Jackal”
John Goodman - American actor best known for “Roseanne” and “The Big Lebowski” and not looking particularly healthy
Bernie Ecclestone - ancient Formula One mogul with a controversial persona, hated by many people though nonetheless acknowledged as an elder statesman of motorsport
David Soul - American actor best known as Hutch from “Starsky & Hutch”, later dabbled in pop music stardom - nothing against him, it just seems like his time
John Irving - best-selling American author with many screen adaptations (Cider House Rules, The World According To Garp), known for his weird obsessions with neurotic, emasculated males
Bob Dornan - former California House Representative and fighter pilot with an outsized personality, known as an arch-conservative rabble-rouser (though he does have honorable qualities, such as having marched on Washington with Martin Luther King in 1963 and remained good friends with the late John Lewis)
Alan Greenspan - former chairman of the Federal Reserve, one of those people who you think would not still be around and yet somehow is

Oh yeah, and my alternates:
Oh yeah, and alternates:

Rod Stewart - British rock star known for living hard and fast, singing hard and rough, and pulling gorgeous “birds” in spite of his lacklustre looks, serving as an example of why ugly little guys make the best rock stars
Jon Voight - American actor known for many great acting performances over the decades, though today mostly associated with his support for Trump - I don’t care, I still love “Runaway Train”
Philip Baker Hall - mainstay of Paul Thomas Anderson’s brilliant movies, as the “wise/enigmatic old man”, who has looked 100 for the past 30 years

My “clean” list:

Post Malone
Lou Christie
Tony Sirico
Edward Fox
John Goodman
Bernie Ecclestone
David Soul
John Irving
Bob Dornan
Alan Greenspan
Rod Stewart
Jon Voight
Philip Baker Hall

All unique picks, as intended. Please be a good sport and don’t poach.

Ned Beatty
Demetri Goritsas
Jeff Gillooly
Kai Ryssdal
Peter Schickele
Dwayne Hickman
Sam the Sham
Marilyn vos Savant
Yahoo Serious
Captain Sensible

Fred Schneider
Dominique Strauss-Kahn

#2 Slim Jim “Eat me!” guy
#4 radio host, “Marketplace” and my archenemy
#7 real name Domingo Samudio
#8 Parade Magazine columnist
#11 film director

Keith Richards
Lindsay Lohan
Scott Hall
Bob Barker
Shannen Doherty
Rush Limbaugh
Jimmy Carter
Courtney Love
Donald Trump
Mitch McConnell
Miley Cyrus
Ric Flair
Tommy Lasorda


Val Kilmer
Casey Anthony
Lindsay Graham

I always think I’ll do this early in the month, and it always ends up being sometime after sunset on the 31st.

Pope Benedict
Jimmy Carter
Raul Castro
Shannen Doherty
Harald V of Norway
Rush Limbaugh
Empress Michiko
Olivia Newton-John
Prince Philip
Donald Trump
Dick Van Dyke
Leslie Wexner
Betty White

Alternate: Clint Eastwood

A pretty fair showing in 2020. Perhaps I went too heavy with Motor Neuron Disease. So a few new bandwagons and a few shots in the dark.

Mitch McConnell – Asshole
Shannon Doherty – 90210 Actress
Michael Schumacher – F1 Champion
William “Refrigerator” Perry – Chicago Bears defender
Tom Parker – The Wanted Singer
Rush Limbaugh – Bloviator
Roger Cook – Celebrity Landscaper
Linda Nolan – English Actress
Mark Gastineau – Another football player
Johnny Isakson – Former Georgia senator
Leon Spinks – Beat Ali
Tom Smith – Scottish Rugby player
Stephen Darby – Bolton Wanderers defender

Clean List:

Mitch McConnell
Shannon Doherty
Michael Schumacher
Refrigerator Perry
Tom Parker
Rush Limbaugh
Roger Cook
Linda Nolan
Mark Gastineau
Johnny Isakson
Leon Spinks
Tom Smith
Stephen Darby


Jeff Bridges

John Daly (golfer)
Shannen Doherty (actor)
Rush Limbaugh (professional blowhard)
Britt McHenry (TV commentator)
Olivia Newton-John (singer)
Tom Parker (singer)
Mick Ralphs (musician)
Michael Schumacher (car racer)
Leon Spinks (boxer)
Johnathan Szeles (magician, aka. The Amazing Johnathan)
Paul Westphal (basketball player)
Slick Woods (model)
Melissa Young (model)

Rod Carew (baseball player)

Clean List:

John Daly
Shannen Doherty
Rush Limbaugh
Britt McHenry
Olivia Newton-John
Tom Parker
Mick Ralphs
Michael Schumacher
Leon Spinks
Johnathan Szeles
Paul Westphal
Slick Woods
Melissa Young

Rod Carew

Yikes, almost missed getting my picks in here! Away we (and they) go…

1: Oz Fox - Stryper guitarist
2: Rush Limbaugh - Shitburger
3: Tommy Lasorda - Baseball HOFer
4: Willard Scott - Weatherman, Multi-Clown
5: Sidney Poitier - Actor
6: Lisa Marie Presley - “Princess”, Walking Disaster
7: Bobby Brown - (Robert Barisford Brown, for clarity) Singer
8: Leon Spinks - Boxer
9: Shane MacGowan - Pogue
10: Jake Roberts - Slytherin Wrestler
11: Phil Spector - Record Producer, Wall Builder
12: Jimmy Greaves - Soccer player
13: Greg Gilbert - Delays singer

Oz Fox
Rush Limbaugh
Tommy Lasorda
Willard Scott
Sidney Poitier
Lisa Marie Presley
Bobby Brown
Leon Spinks
Shane MacGowan
Jake Roberts
Phil Spector
Jimmy Greaves
Greg Gilbert