2022 US Senate Race

I give him all the credit for that, I just wish there was someone as effective as he on the other side. He’s really, really good at what he does, as much as I absolutely hate the ends he puts his skills toward.

It would be strange to mention a Senator who was reelected in 2018 and not up for another election until 2024 in a 2022 election thread, yes.

Looking at these predictions, it seems to me that the Democrats will at least maintain the 50-50 tie they need to maintain control. The only seats where the incumbent party is not at least marginally favored to win are WI, OH, and PA, all Republicans. It would be nice to get all three and then kill the filibuster and tell Manchin and Sinema to go pound sand.

Indeed it would.

That’s assuming there are currently 47 Democrats against keeping the filibuster.

I’m not sure that’s the case.

Just because a senator is not publicly in favor of keeping the filibuster doesn’t mean they’d vote to get rid of it. Some are probably happy to keep Sinema and Manchin in the crosshairs of activists from the left and not need to stake out a position that would make them a target.

Really the only things to be gleaned from that map is that incumbents generally get reelected and purple states are purple. I wouldn’t read too much predictive value into it.

Risking a derail, I gotta say I’m not convinced, at all, that McConnell would’ve been able to outperform Biden/Pelosi to get any better resluts for the dems.
He would’ve had to deal with what the obstructed democrats are having to deal with now - woulda gotten nowhere, or certainly no further than where the dems are at, now, to be sure.

Band name!

Eeh, depending on when. If democrats had had someone as competent and effective as he has been throughout his entire career, I bet we’d be in much better shape these days. Even just counting from when he became minority leader in 2007. If it’s just in the last couple years, then sure. Nobody could flip things around that easily.

It’s a lot easier to stop things than to accomplish things.

It’s a lot easier to stop things than to accomplish things - because that bears repeating.

You can say that again!

Meanwhile, in Georgia: