$3 for a beer? There has to be a better way.

We have the same type of promo every Weds. night at a bar here in Ahia. It’s called PP Night.

It’s short for Penny till you Pee night. Here’s how it works:

It’s a $7.00 cover charge to get in. When you enter, you get a wristband. As long as you have this wristband, draft beers are 1 penny.

There are bouncers who work in front of the bathroom doors - when you enter the bathroom, the bouncer removes your wristband. Without the wristband, beers are regular price.

Yup. Ah, beer on the Chem Lec steps. Sometimes I wish I was still poor. Oh wait, I am.

I see. Thanks, Olentzero.

A place in Providence called Johnnys would have $1 beers and $1 mixed drinks (from a list of 5 choices in the drink well). This was only from a certain time perioid, 7-9 IIRC. So, you would have herds of college students filling the place to get the cheapest buzz on as possible, then it would empty out at 9pm when they would head to nicer bars.

You from Providence, Debaser? My wife was born and raised in Warwick.

There are actually a strip of bars on Third Avenue in the East Village that serve $2 Bud Light draft specials until 11pm. The down side (if you consider this a down side) is that the bars tend to be a little more college than typical NYC bars.
fandango, I don’t want to explain basic Economics 101 but just lowering the price to generate demand does not always maximize profit.