35mm film camera

Data sheets.
Yes. :slight_smile:

The meter seems to work just fine IMHO. I’ll see when I actually get some film processed.

Thanks for the tips. Good to know!

As an aside, my ex is experimenting with pin-hole cameras (home-made).

See post # 10 :slight_smile:


LightMeterPro pay version $2.99

PhotoTools pay version $ donation

Not perfect but fun to use. I use an old Sekonic selenium cell for old times sake sometimes. Love my Minolta Auto Meter IV

The actual fun is darkroom work.
IMHO, shooting film and having it processed is pretty pointless (and really expensive) these days.

I think I had to put the needle just a tick higher than perfect alignment to get a proper exposure (appx 1 stop?). I just got used to it. I never knew why it was off until fairly recent.

I used mine from 1977 until 2006. It still works fine. Never had any deterioration in the seals or anything else. Works as smoothly as the day I brought it home from K-Mart(!).

Yes. I remember the magic of watching images appear in the darkroom.
Unfortunately, I am not set up for such wonders at this time.

Good to know, thanks.
This Minolta has evidently had some TLC - as well as the lenses.
I am kind of like a kid reliving their first bicycle. :slight_smile:


I do miss the smell. Someone needs to make a darkroom incense with the smell of the developer, hypo and that tang of acetic acid.

I had to give up my SRT101 and what was the other…X700? Bad eyes led to bad focus. I was at a communal darkroom years ago and someone was looking at my prints and said “You’ve got astigmatism!” so I got an autofocus SLR. Now I had good focus and exposure, but all that automation and machine intelligence took a lot of the fun and mystique away.

I love the OM-1. It’s just about the perfect camera.

My 35mm SLRs:
Olympus OM-1N
Olympus OM-4
Nikon FM-3a
Nikon FM-2
Pentax K-1000
Canon AE-1 Program

My 35mm rangefinders:
Nikonos IV
Nikonos V
Argus C4

My first SLR was the Canon AE-1 Program. I got some great shots with just the standard 50 mm lens that came with it. Compared to all of the other SLRs – including the Pentax K-1000 – it seems clunky today. But still a great camera.

Every 35mm shooter should have a Pentax K-1000. I like the simplicity, and that you used to be able to get new kits from Kmart for $100. I like cheap things that work.

The Olympus OM-1 is the smallest of the bunch, and that’s what makes it my favourite. I seldom expose film anymore, and when I do I always have to decide between the OM-1 and the FM-2. The Nikon is very similar to the Olympus, but sometimes I just want the smaller package.

The Nikon FM-3a is great. Go old-school manual, or let the electronics help out. It’s still fully functional in manual if the battery dies, except for the light meter of course.

The Olympus OM-4 was science fiction when it came out, and I was thrilled to get one. Maybe it’s a little too ‘advanced’. I grew lazy and never used the manual options, which is why I got the OM-1. Great camera, like having it in the collection, but it doesn’t get used.

13 Great Vintage Cameras

I think that is my motivation right now. Sure, my digital cameras allow me much more latitude - but awaiting for that final print, priceless. To see if it actually captured the moment one desired is compelling. Call me irrational, I have been called worse names.

Great post!
I miss my two OM-1’s (sorry about the apostrophe}
Thanks for the link! Much appreciated.