4 University of Idaho students stabbed to death

CNN 16 Nov 2022

Idaho police say there were other people in the home at the time of quadruple homicide, but declined to say who called 911

There isn’t much information on this. The local police are very tight lipped about details. There were 6 people in the house and 4 of them were stabbed to death. Someone called 911 at noon about an unconscious person at the house but they won’t say who made the call.

Moscow resident here. Not much to discuss, police and FBI are releasing very little information. The online news coverage (Google News > Idaho etc) is excellent, considering their not having many hard facts to work with. Apparently rumors abound in the social media.
As a retired old fart I have little contact with the UI students/faculty, and in my outings life seems normal. People aren’t walking around crouching nervously, but from what I’ve read and heard it’s a much different atmosphere on and near campus. Understandably.
I do think the cops know a lot more than they’re letting on, and admire them for keeping a lid on it.

This is an odd one. It wouldn’t be easy to stab 4 people to death without a lot of screaming and fighting and waking up the neighborhood, not to mention the other 2 roommates that were home. Since the 911 call didn’t come until what appears to be many hours later, I’m thinking these 6 folks must’ve been somehow rendered unconscious (drugs, alcohol, ???) and then when one of the 2 that didn’t get stabbed woke, they called it in.

Horrible story.

Was there a suggestion of a romantic component to the stabbings? Or was that another incident? (There were a couple such incidents in the past week or so.)

I remember seeing an earlier headline calling it a crime of passion, but then the details were so horrifically vague I couldn’t understand how the police or the reporters could possibly have arrived at that conclusion.

If four people had been brutally stabbed, there would be lots of blood, even if they were in separate beds, in separate rooms. It wouldn’t have been called in as an “unconscious person welfare check” unless the person calling it in didn’t notice any blood, which doesn’t seem credible.

My guess is that the murderer called it in, having seen it wasn’t mentioned in the news the following day. Why? Who knows.

I think the police know who the murderer is, but for some reason, don’t want to release the name. Hence the walking back of their statement that “the community is safe.” How would they know that if they didn’t know who the murderer was? I wonder if there were any suicides reported that coincide with the day the bodies were discovered.

Any reason to think it couldn’t have been three murders and a suicide?

Also it wasn’t clear to me about the other two people “in the house.” As in, there were actually two other people in the house at the time of the killings or at least when they were discovered? Or just, six people live in/rent the house, though two of them were elsewhere at the relevant times?

There would be a murder weapon in that case, and the police stated they hadn’t found it yet.

Murder/suicide weapon was an icicle.


I heard the police say this. The two other roommates could have been asleep, drugged, or unaware of the murders happening. The murderer could have placed a pillow over the victim’s faces one by one while they stabbed each of them to death. However, unless it were a six-bedroom house, the murderer or murderers would have had to fight off multiple victims simultaneously, which you would think would wake the other roommates up. It doesn’t add up.

Stabbing a person to death is a horrible, violent, bloody, totaling hands on way to kill someone. But to murder 4 people like that? My God.

Ah, hadn’t noticed that.

Wow. Wouldn’t that be a ‘straight out of a horror movie’ moment? You get up one morning from a sound sleep, and gradually come across bloody body after bloody body as you make your way through the house? Makes me shudder to even imagine it.

My guess is the two other roommates were unaware of what had happened until the police showed up at the house the next day. When the details are finally released, it will all become clear.

True, and a very personal killing. Stabbing requires you to get very close to your victim. To kill four people this way and for the police to be so nonchalant about it is what bothered many people. There was no lockdown or city-wide manhunt, no person of interest, or arrests. That all seems very odd to me,

That or the person calling it in was in shock, seeing so much blood, and based on their limited capacity to describe the situation the dispatcher interpreted it as an “unconscious person welfare check.” I see no reason to assume someone happening upon an apparently inexplicable (to them, at that moment) violent crime would necessarily have the presence of mind or the wherewithal to describe the scene in detail.

You may be correct, but if it was me, I think I would have mentioned something about blood if I saw it, regardless if I was in shock, especially considering resuscitating someone who is simply unconscious is different than dealing with someone who is bleeding out. The caller may have mentioned blood, but I don’t remember the police chief saying that. I would love to see the transcript of that call.

I thought of this but 2 of them were a couple so you would assume they were in the same room. I suppose you could stab 2 people at the same time in the heart and they wouldn’t be able to call out. But that’s horror movie stuff and not a realistic goal of a psycho unless they’re some kind of trained professional.

If someone called in a welfare check then maybe they didn’t open any doors and nobody responded to a knock. That’s the really strange part. if you thought your roomie might have overdosed you would enter the room.

This really is a strange story.

Police have begun to lay out a timeline of what happened in the hours leading up to the killings, though much remains unknown.

Chapin and Kernodle were at a party on campus Saturday night, while Mogen and Goncalves were at a downtown bar before they all returned to the home early Sunday sometime after 1:45 a.m., Fry said.

All four victims were fatally stabbed at some point in the early morning hours Sunday, Fry said, but there was no 911 call until noon. The chief didn’t reveal who called 911.

Two additional roommates were home at the time of the deaths, neither of whom were injured nor held hostage, Green said. The two roommates have been fully cooperative with law enforcement, Idaho State Police spokesman Aaron Snell told CNN on Wednesday.

“There was other people home at that time, but we’re not just focusing just on them, we’re focusing on everybody that may be coming and going from that residence,” Fry said.

After the 911 call about an unconscious person came in, officers found the door to the home open and a gruesome crime scene.

There was no evidence of forced entry, Fry said. “We’re not 100% sure the door was unlocked, there was no damage to anything and the door was still open when we got there,” Fry said.

Things have sure changed. I lived in Moscow for a few years (in the 70s) and volunteered with MPD. About the most exciting thing that ever happened was along the lines of a domestic violence call or an unlocked business door on the main drag. I also remember a university student committing suicide.

Stab wound don’t necessarily have to be bloody. In my experience (on a jury, deer hunting) wounds to the torso tend to close themselves. The jury I was on, the victim was stabbed above the clavicle and it hit an artery. The blood was contained inside of him. I’ve also accidentally shot a deer in the gut. The large intestine pushed out and blocked the holes.