70's AM Radio Hits - Your Fav?

if only you all could understand, i have this huge thin for songs talking about loves lost, and that song has become one of my favorites. THANK YOU Msrobin, biggirl and gundy, you guys rock

and ANYTHING by DONNA SUMMER should be on a list about 70’s hits

“Dancing Queen” ABBA
“Solitary Man” or
“Sweet Caroline” Neil Diamond
“Annie’s Song” John Denver
“Brown Eyed Girl” Van Morrison

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few, but most songs posted definitely qualify as classics. Great thread!

Anything by John Denver.
All of The Eagles early stuff.
Funeral for a Friend - Elton John.
Jessica - Allman Brothers
All Beatles music that applies to this OP.
Jesus Christ Superstar meant a lot to me then.
American Pie, of course.

And now thanks to you guys, I’ve got Band of Gold stuck in my head. It’s an OK song, but damn. I’m gonna have to over to that “Do you want this?” thread. Again.