77 of 86 ads on Rush's show today were PSAs.

Be sure to do some research first. I was listening to sexy liberal Stephanie Miller today and they mentioned that a total boycott would hurt some liberal stations too owing to the fact that many companies that advertise on radio buy ads across the political spectrum. Carbonite and Pro-Flowers are two companies who advertised on her show and Rush’s, but thanks to some letter writing, both companies are now only supporting the liberal station.

I hope Media Matters does protest Bill Maher, right after Fox News protests Ann Coulter. See? I can bring up distraction bullshit too!

I don’t know about that - there’s target audience and there’s preaching to the choir. If you’re a PSA, your ads are probably more about convincing people who don’t accept your message that they should, rather than letting people who are looking for your solution know you exist.

OTOH, Rush Limbaugh might just have a nearly perfect target audiencefor the American Heart Association.