80's music - still rocks. 80's videos - not so much...

The video for Radar Love makes me wince.

I always like the video for Genesis’ Land of Confusion. That’s one heck of a nurse!

I always liked the J. Geils Band video of Centerfold. What’s not to like, cute girls dancing in sexy scanty outifits and the classic drum head that is actually milk? Plus this video has Martha Quinn introducing it, who I always had a crush on.

Poison Arrow

Don’t Change Shabooh Shabooh!

Someone Like You

I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
And maybe, the most hilarious.
Hips Don’t Lie… Shakira featuring DANZIG

There were lots and lots of great 80’s videos.

This one stands up with anything made since: Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

Holds up very well: Pet Shop Boys, It’s a Sin. Doesn’t hurt that it was produced by Derek Jarman.

More Than This, with Bryan Ferry as what seems to be a lovelorn valet parking attendant.

The video for Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads is still pretty cool.

Hasn’t held up very well: Super Bowl Shuffle.

Still quite entertaining: Lou Reed, “No Money Down”.

Duran Duran/Rio is still fun…wardrobe dates it but who cares?

Paula Abdul/Straight up. The photography is great.

Rickroll yourself…popup video style:

Sabrina - Boys (Summertime Love) is still the second sexiest music video ever made.

Loved it, but I would give Big Time the advantage; more creative image that also relates to the song better.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Bowie in a clown suit.

Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer is a classic.


At the time, people thought it was the other way around.

My brother and I started recording music videos since MTV started. We have about eight VSH EP (six hours) tapes full of videos that span the history of what MTV and VH1 played at the time. First video on MTV tape 1 "Der Kommissar: by Falco. Other selections from Tape 1, Berlin’s Metro, Joe Jackson’s Stepping Out & Real Men, Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll, Kim Wilde’s Kids in America.

Kraft wishes its Macaroni and Cheese Dinner was this cheesy! Literally putting the “pop” in Pop Music. Damn, if I saw that video when the song was popular, my brain actively repressed the memory as a measure of self-preservation. Thank you, brain!

I do agree with the others who say that there was much variety of video styles in the '80’s. There may have been a few clunkers (see above), but they weren’t all the same half-second cuts interspersing almost naked, gym-toned synchronized dancers and close-ups of the singer or band in concert that seem to make up so many of the videos today. Yeah, I’m so old I remember when MTV actually played only music videos. Get off my lawn you darned kids!

Who ever could have thought that this was a good idea? I couldn’t even make it through a minute of this crap, and it goes on for seven?!

I had to clear my head with this:

Awesome song, awesome video.

I was going to nominate Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy for the terrible video category (90% of the video is close-ups of his face, a horrible idea because he looks like a freaking ghoul) until I learned that that song actually didn’t come out until 1990. In a way, that makes it even worse…

Godley & Creme! Great video directors who also gave us the immortal “Cry”.

Another case in which the video is better than the song. There were a lot of those in the 80s, so I’m not in much agreement with the OP.

No love for Thriller?

Or for that matter, Beat It?