94th Academy Awards Nominees are out. Let's discuss

I’m surprised at the hatred for this movie. I quite liked it. I wouldn’t give it an Oscar, but it was very funny and had a wonderful cast.

I wonder what the worst BP nominee of all time is? According to Rotten Tomatoes the lowest rated BP nominee ever is a movie called Anthony Adverse from 1936, which I honestly have never heard of but am inclined to give a break to because, shit, it was 1936. In modern history they dump on Doctor Doolitte, which I am amazed to learn was nominated for Best Picture in 1968. Other poorly rated nominees in more modern cinema include Anne of a Thousand Days, The Greatest Show On EArth (which actually won), Hello Dolly!, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, The Alamo (the 1960 John Wayne film) and Out Of Africa, which also won.

Adam McKay, who directed Don’t Look Up, also directed Vice, which made also made RT’s list of the 40 worst BP nominees.

One of my absolutely favorite books about film is this one, which talks about the paths to production and nomination for all five of the 1968 best picture nominees.

Harris talks about how the studio head for Dolittle, Arthur Jacobs, browbeat and bribed anybody connected with the studio to ensure they voted for it to be nominated.

The book is actually about a lot more, given the social unrest of that era. I highly recommend it.

Dune is dominating the early part of the awards ceremony.

And we have a queer woman of color, Ariana DeBose, winning Best Supporting Actress, and a deaf man, Troy Kotsur, winning Best Supporting Actor. (And the presenter signed his name when he won!)


Damn it, I wish they hadn’t changed the words to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”.

DuBose, of course, won the award in a remake for playing exactly the same role Rita Moreno won her Oscar for.

I can’t think of any example of that happening before. Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro both won an Oscar for playing Vito Corleone, but in wholly different films; Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix both won for playing the Joker, but again, entirely different films.

ETA: Nice to see Kenneth Branagh finally win an Oscar. Prior to this year he held the weird distinction of having been nominated exactly once in each of five different categories - Actor, Supporting Actor, Director, Screenplay, and Short Film Live Action - and losing them all.

Does anyone know the backstory behind the G.I. Jane 2 joke and Will Smith punching Chris Rock? I thought it was a bit, but the longer it went one the less it seemed like one.

I came here for the same reason. I didn’t catch what Chris Rock said about Jada. And I thought the punch was fake. But then the entire cussing match between Will and Chris was without sound. So I guess it was real.

Holy cow. I wasn’t watching, but it is on Twitter. Looks real?? I may just be a gullible guy.

Uncensored clip from Australia TV. The punch was totally real as was the cursing:

I got it now. Chris made a joke about Jada being up for G.I. Jane because she has a bald head. But she has a hair loss condition and it pissed off Will.


Man, I’m usually one to claim that nothing is unscripted at one of these award shows … but I can’t imagine that the Academy would have prepared a bit that involved Will Smith dropping multiple F-bombs. I gotta imagine it was real.

It’s real for sure.

I feel like this really hurts Will Smith’s reputation. I do get that the joke was inappropriate or whatever, but come on. Rock seemed to handle it pretty well.

What was Chris Rock presenting? I only have clips on the internet. Australia TV aired it without the silence button being used.

Since Will Smith is currently the odds-on favorite to win Best Actor, it will be an interesting acceptance speech…

ETA: Chris Rock was presenting Best Documentary Feature.

Chris Rock deserves some credit for taking the punch/slap, not fighting back, and then just rolling with it. Did he continue on to present? Awkward.

Yes, he did. And Will Smith remains in the audience and hasn’t, you know, been arrested or anything.

Yeah, I mean I think that Chris Rock will probably just move on. Maybe Will will as well.

So if Will wins, does he say anything at all about it? Or just smile and accept the award?

If it was a bit, Jada would be on it too. But she looks just as surprised and as immobile as everybody else.

He will have had some time to cool down, but not enough to talk to anyone on his “team” about the correct thing to say (or talk to Rock). So it could go any direction.

I expect he has to say something about it. It’s the elephant in the room right now.

Dame Jane Campion wins Best Director. I am loving the representation.

OK, I’ll have fun predicting.

I say he goes up, thanks everyone like normal. Maybe adds a, “beautiful in ALL WAYS Jada” reference in there and that is it.