A child said What Is The *****? Fetching it to me with full hands.

Depends on the situation. There are places where being labelled an informant - presumably loudly and publically - is at least a serious social liability and at worst a threat to your well-being.

So what constitutes a slur? Some of the ones on the list and otherwise (sheep-shaggers, currymunchers, skips) I’ve never heard unaffectionately - I’d call them nicknames rather than slurs.

Opposed to that, I’ve never heard terms like seppo, jaarpie, leb, yid and so on used ‘nicely’ - they’re just terms of abuse. If you almost never hear the word without the participle ‘f–king’ in front of it, it probably counts as a slur. For example, when someone from a different ethnic background describes me as a ‘skip’, I’m probably not supposed to take offence. If they called me an ‘aussie’, I probably am.

And I don’t doubt that the terms are reversed in another part of the country. Possibly even in a different part of Sydney.

Not so much insulted as terrorized. It’s not so much the word as the way it’s typically used. Example here.

More context:


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You get the idea… and besides which, BigNik got there first, I see.