A couple of quick DR. WHO questions from a novice

When the 10th Doctor (Tennant, the current one) regenerated, he expressed disappointment that he wasn’t “ginger” (didn’t have red hair). The 9th Doctor (Eccleston), who apparently regenerated immediately before the beginning of the new series, looked into a mirror and was surprised by the largeness of his ears. It seemed to me that if he could choose, these issues wouldn’t have come up, but that might be a tweak for the new series.

There’s nothing anywhere in the First Doctor stories to suggest that Susan isn’t exactly what she says she is: his granddaughter.

In the Second Doctor story “The Tomb of the Cybermen”, the Doctor mentions in passing that he has, or had, a family, most if not all of whom are now dead. He doesn’t go into any details, though.

Of course, the whole “Time Lord” thing only arose at the end of the Second Doctor’s tenure, anyway …

Incidentally, Cho-Je/K’anpo and the Meddling Monk are two entirely different characters. (And no, the Meddling Monk is not an earlier regeneration of the Master!)

It’s strongly implied at several points in the series that the higher echelons of the Time Lords have a lot more control over the regeneration process than any individual Time Lord by him/herself (the Time Lords controlling the regeneration of #2 to #3, threatening to give all the Doctor’s future regenerations to the Valeyard in “Trial of a Time Lord”, offering the Master a whole new regeneration cycle in “The Five Doctors” … )

There are indications, too, that individual Time Lords can do something weird with the regeneration cycle just before they regenerate - K’Anpo appearing as both himself and Cho-Je before actually regenerating into Cho-Je in “Planet of the Spiders”, whatever trick Professor Chronotis pulled in “Shada” to reappear after he’d been killed, the Watcher hovering in the background in “Logopolis”, the fact that the Third Doctor (in “The Five Doctors”) knows what the Fourth looks like …

All rather confusing, really.

David Tennant had a role in Stephen Frye’s* Bright Young Things* (2003), based on Evelyn Waugh’s Vile Bodies.

The cast was huge & amazing. Tennant’s character was named “Ginger.”

(The cast included Peter O’Toole, who also played the older Casanova in the BBC series. Tennant, of course, played the younger Casanova.)


That’s the other place I’d seen him - thanks! Completely off topic - has Secret Smile screened in the States? He does a good baddie, he does.

It’s available on DVD. I have it in my Netflix queue.

Just to lord it over you people, a real conversation…

Daughter: My friend’s dad has all the old Doctor Whos on VHS tape. He put them on DVD so he says I can have them.

Me, with barely restrained interest: How much does he want?

Daughter: Oh, nothing. He just wants to make some room by getting rid of them.

Are you talking about the 3D’s line “All teeth and curls?” after Liz mentioned that he had changed?

If so, that was just a guess based on her hand to face movements. A damn good guess, to be sure, and one written as a little in-joke, but Pertwee definitely phrases the line as a question.

Or are you referring to another scene which I have forgotten.

Sir Rhosis

EDIT to add: From what I understand, not only did the 1st Doctor (Hartnell) regenerate into the 2nd Doctor ( Troughton), his clothes regenerated into different clothes as well. Can anyone confirm or disprove this?

  1. There has never been any evidence, except for the Children in Need episode (non canon), that Timelords can change gender in a regeneration. This is pure speculation and happens every time he regenerates.

  2. True looms were, I think, a creation of Marc Platt and only appeared in the novels.

Presumably you mean The Curse of Fatal Death, but that was Comic Relief/Red Nose Day, not Children In Need.

Apologies for my getting the programme wrong, all these bullshit “charity” events roll into one for me.

I believe that was a line for the adults watching: Billie Piper’s ex is Chris Evans, a ginger-head.

Maybe, but the point remains – both Nine and Ten explicitly referred to their new physical attributes as something that they had no control.

Nope, that’s the line I was thinking of …

Since the first episode of “The Power of the Daleks” isn’t around any more, definitive proof may be hard to come by … but I think there might have been a continuity error regarding the Doctor’s footwear. (On the other hand - as it were - there’s an explicit reference, in the script, to the fact that the Doctor’s ring doesn’t fit him any more.)

Doesn’t the first-second Doctor regeneration sequence appear in the 10th Planet video? I seem to recall that episode 4 was stills with audio, but the regeneration sequence was film. I may be wrong, I’ll try to check later.

It is there (The Tenth Planet), but iirc it is just a “mixing” from Hartnell’s face to Troughton’s. I seem to recall having read at the beginning of Troughton’s first full episode (story), he leaps up off the floor in a totally different outfit, implying that his clothes regenerated as well. But the show is lost, though I think there are stills.

Sir Rhosis

Yes I found this link to youtube, which appears to have all of the regenerations. In the original it is not clear as only the Doctor’s face is visible.

However, the animated version shows that the clothes remain the same. Whether this ties up with Power of the Daleks I don’t know.

There is also this link to a Power of the Daleks photo novel on the BBC Doctor Who website, I’m not sure whether it clears things up or not.

Anyone else have any idea whether the costume changes or not?