A delusional moment. Mundane AND Pointless!

Little kids LOVE to spend their money. We have a thriving economy within our home where the same 20 or 30 coins circulate in exchange for candy (when local law enforcement doesn’t confiscate it) & various toys which are common property anyway. It’s made me rethink how I look at the world. I’m beginning to realize that ownership is an illusion. That there are a lot of illusions we choose to believe in. Like morality, time, lunch time, love, trust, charity…despite our daily experiences which prove to us that such concepts are dangerous to depend on. No wonder so many of us are crazy! The reality we force ourselves to live in has nothing to do with the reality we feel yet suppress in our minds. It’s enforced schizophrenia, except the people that give up and reject the system are viewed as the “broken” ones. Those who realize the truth are ostracized and ridiculed if they try to share the light which is seen but denied by all, but to keep the truth locked up is painful to a good heart.

What’s the point of living alone in such a place, crowded by oppressive ignorance?
It’s the crazy and irrational delusions like the above which would cripple me without the meds. :smiley: