A few vs. several

I think “a mess” is more than “a bunch”. “A shitload” is the most you can have.

Must you muddy the waters? What of a cubic shitload?

Don’t make me throw you a beating Kalhoun.

A few is under 10-15 for most things, but can be higher as Borschevsky stated. Several can be up to a few hundred. My mom lives several miles away from me.

WHAT!!! Are you insane? Several != over a hundred. You mother lives Many miles or even Hundreds of Miles away from you.

If I said “I’m going to drive to your moms, how far is it?” and you said “Several miles” I’d bip you on the head with a gourd.

what Sengkelat said: few > several > many

disgustingly rich person with 7 cars: “Oh, I’ve a few in the garage.”
rich person with 7 cars: “Cars? I have several in the garage.”
person with 1 car: “I saw many cars in their garage!”
underpaid employee with a pair of legs: “There’s this whole *shitload * of cars in their garage!”

I once had a professor who made us distinguish between “many” and “several” on a multiple-choice test. As in, did a particular item of information related in the textbook (your average Intro to Sociology, 800 page textbook) use the word “many” or “several”.

Fortunately the professor graded on a curve :rolleyes:

Wow. Bip me on the head with a gourd, huh? A few times, several times, or many times?

I was on a first date, and as the evening progressed it occurred to me that the guy had mentioned a lot of ex-wives. “Just how many times have you been married?” I asked. He replied, “Several.”

The answer turned out to be four. That was a few too many for me.

jack-shit = 0