A Genuine Caption Contest

Not many people know that Mr. Peanut was once a minister.

Oh, mighty Conch! Deliver us from the terrors of Shell!

Disappointed at the recent lack of tithing, pastor Bob hit on a subtle way to remind the congregation that they were expected to shell out.

Ralph leveraged his holding the Conch into the ultimate power - cult leader. SamnEric soon fell in line, and Jack wasn’t far behind.

The problem with the Order of the Mollusk is that the priests usually delivered their sermons at a snail’s pace.

“The sound of the ocean drowns out my congregation’s snoring.”

and now turn to Hymn #147: Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads…

The Church of Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary tended to place the most emphasis on the cockle shells. Meanwhile, silver bells were entirely neglected, and the pretty maids all in a row had such lax standards that pretty much ANYBODY could get ordained.

As hermit priests grow, they require larger shells.

Lots of funny answers to a nonsensical picture. Winner is @Prof.Pepperwinkle with:

Congrats! It took me a few readings to get the pun - not enough coffee!



All yours, @Prof.Pepperwinkle!


Next one:

You don’t HAVE to have four legs to pull off gold-accented mint against a background of raspberry and fuchsia, but it sure helps.


Frank never really grasped the concept of camouflage.

“Legs” Diamond – The Early Years

The suit came with two pairs of pants and I’m going to use them!

Bob’s audition for a role in the Greenfield Community Players presentation of A Chorus Line was a little overproduced.

:notes: Oh I’m a rutabaga in a hostile beet world

Yeah, I’m gonna HAVE to go with this one. Anyone who’s had a daughter in the last few decades would agree.

By the way, that’s Squidward from the Broadway musical version of Spongebob Squarepants.

Good job, coffee!


New pic: