A Genuine Caption Contest

The Polar Bear Club are a bunch of wimps!

(illustration, pg 53, The Kanamit Cookbook - Serving Japanese)

Step 12. Cloning the specimen from freeze-dried semen.

Is it really that important to find out which of you is the coolest?

The game show, “Yaourting for Yen,” sounded great at the pitch meeting, but proved to be a ratings disaster.

(Just out of curiosity - is that ice they’re sitting in? I can’t tell for sure.)

ETA: Zooming in, there appears to be frost on the frame of each box, so I guess so.

Gyrate: I found the pic from NYT’s “What’s going on in the picture?” I don’t think they knew the context either.

This sounds so wrong, so it wins.

Thank you!

Now, what does Jack do now that he can get out of the box…

No matter where you place him, his eyes are still locked on you. Gepetto makes deals with the devil sometimes.

Early promotional giveaways for a certain fast-food chain were somewhat creepy.

The Marty Feldman action-figure toys never took off. There’s a warehouse full of them in Soho.

Being a long time Feldman fan:

is our winner!

Thank you. Have fun with this one!

Announcing the new Tokyo Olympic event: Giant Head Balancing

Goodbye Kitty!

The Tokyo Olympics mascots celebrate the Olympics’ newest sport: playing checkers.

Good joke about the graphics. Spoons, take it away.

Thanks! Let’s see what you folks can do with this:

Feline like a snack? Milk and catckers right atcha!