A Genuine Caption Contest

Not recommended for use with pet piranhas.

New Aquaripotty!

Because your fish like watching you squat from behind.

I thought you’re supposed to wait until they die to flush 'em

When you’ve gone too long without cleaning your toilet.

The self-cleaning fishtank feature was great. The ambiance of watching the fish left a lot to be desired.

(Are those really toilet-tank wraps?)

Ahh. Ok. With the lid up they can’t see my tush.

I’ll give you 2 guesses what we feed the fish!

The winner:

BTW - this is a real thing.

Yay! Have at you!

Pet Rocks proving that evolution is real.

/not an entry
That pic was used before.

//I thought it looked too familiar.

Gee, I wonder who used it…

:notes:If every tongue were stilled, the noise would still continue
The rocks and stones themselves would start to sing!

Well dang. How about this one?

Joe the barber preferred shaving dogs, because cats’ whiskers were much tougher to get through.

Dude! That lather ain’t soap!

We were so poor, we had to rent our dog to the local barber college. Mind you, he had it better than Mittens who spent her nights working at the local cat house.

And would you like me to take a little off the tail?

Le Chien Magnifique dog grooming salon went above and beyond in their dog grooming.

He had to look his best; Fifi was a finicky bitch.