A Genuine Caption Contest

We don’t normally shave dogs, but the Purina spokesman thought Rex was showing too much whisker.

Fido may have expected something else when we took him to get mutton chops.

The barber college had an incredibly tough exam required for PHD degrees.


I’m telling you Rex, we can shave you, we can paint you pink, we can curl your tail - but you still don’t have a chance for the role of Arnold Ziffel.

Honorable mention goes to:

But I couldn’t resist awarding the prize to:

Take it away, Mr Fudd.

Thanks! What’s going on here?..

Jim was secretly dismayed that nobody seemed to notice his brand new sweater.

They tried a number of “treats” when Bobo was potty training.

“How’s this, Senor Dali?”

It started with a grown-up black model for the Coppertone ad, but things quickly spiraled out of control.

“It may be unconventional, but it beats Sharon Tate’s gig.”

College housing in 1970’s California was an eclectic mix…

Settin’ up for another NatLamp Foto Funnies shoot.

Sometimes monkeys fly out your butt; sometimes they clog up the toilet.

Since that sweater is clearly the most obscene thing about this scene, the win goes to…


New pic:

Jim regretted saying to his fiance “Let me sleep on it” when she asked his opinion on the wedding cake.

Marie Antoinette had a solution for the high price of goose down, too.

Bob always had sweet dreams.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

If you thought the MyPillow guy was crazy, wait tell you meet the MyCake guy.