A Genuine Caption Contest

Little did Tim know what an interesting evening he was going to have when he bought tickets for a Slim Whitman tribute concert…

“I’ve worked with Peewee Herman and Johnny Depp and even I think you guys are a little weird.”

Martian actors: What’s our motivation for walking through that door?

Burton: Your salary.

Trekkie conventions are SO yesterday.

“Yes earthling, it all started when we received this call that we won a free vacation in Florida. But - tell us, what’s a timeshare?”

All right, I’ll do it:

“Ack ack. Ack ack ack. Ack ack. Ack ack ack ack ack. Ack.”

When Mars Attends

The case of Planet Earth v. Planet Mars attracted some … shall we say, interesting … observers to the courtroom.

“Earthling: Are the lines always this long at the DMV?”

“Isn’t this the place where aliens must register?”

I’m going to agree with QM - sometimes the first one is the best.

Go for it, Mr. Fudd (Esq.)!


The Olsen twins didn’t realize that the producers supply the masks for The Masked Singer.

Hi, mister, wanna take me and my sister home to play?

Because of the problems with the separation surgery, Effi and Steffi had to wear prosthetic heads.

“We’ve been riding this subway for the past 30 years. It can be soul crushing.”

Next stop… Overlook Hotel…

Our lawyer says we have no case, the plastic surgeon SAID he would make us - living dolls.

They are actually triplets. They’re going to visit their other sister at the doll hospital.

The Gorilla Girls got a new shtick.

Barbie works her side of the street, we work ours. Nobody gets hurt.

Hello, Danny. Commute with us.

After hours on the ‘L line.

The winner…

Yeah, I kinda gave myself a chuckle with that, I have to admit. Thanks, Elmer! Let’s see if you folks can come up with something for this: