A Genuine Caption Contest

Excellent entries, everybody, and I enjoyed them all. But this one is going to go to @Elmer_J.Fudd for making me laugh out loud (and yes, I did get the reference):

Nicely done, Elmer, and it’s your turn.


The publisher of Ian Fleming’s Octopussy rejected the first cover design, and demanded something else.

OK, look, I see you’re trying to depict visually what’s going on in her mind. But I don’t think she actually said that she was obsessed with tentacles.

Today, people like Heracles and Sophocles are still remembered as Greek mythological and historical figures. But some have been forgotten, such as the goddess Tentacles.

Sharing her momma’s taste in men, Ellie had an out of wedlock child but would not reveal the father.

Sue Storm finally quit the Fantastic Four and married Sub-Mariner.

Leonardo was a genius. No matter where you stand in relation to the painting, the tentacles follow you around the room.

(With apologies to Terry Pratchett and “Lady of Quirm”.)

“Releasing Your Inner Kraken, by Sidney Powell”

The real Squid Games winner.

Cthulhu: The Early Years

No one becomes more irritated by the use of “octopi” than this lady.

Congratulations, Reggie! It’s a … squid.

Taking “Bad hair day” to new heights.

Awwwww, she looks just like her mommy!

The winner:

Thank you. I have to say I really enjoyed “Awwwww, she looks just like here mommy.”

For the upcoming holiday, let’s have a costume picture:

Mommy, can I say “hi” to Billy? I think he’s dressed up as Soy Sauce.

Mommy, I gotta pee!

Stand still honey, I’m about to dump this wasabi on you.

Cute little SuShe Doll!