A Genuine Caption Contest

Poor quality control doomed the mass produced statuary industry.

It’s a shame the scientist never had a head for figures.

And this one goes to…

Oh, thank you! (I liked KO’s better, myself.)

The moment you are done painting, we’re going to rip your face off.

“No, it’s St. CATrick’s day.”

During the Potato Famine, household pets resorted to subterfuge to avoid being eaten.

“If this had been the 21st century, we’d have been drawn as anthrocritters instead of actual cats”.

And the Winner is…

Good job, KO!

Than you Prof. Let’s try something from early America.

Dr. Pepper! So misunderstood…

Ben Franklin’s mistress learned the hard way not to testify against him.

We made a podium out of her. Does that prove she’s a witch?

Next time, Salem will rethink the ramifications of putting a suspected witch on trial if she really is a witch.

(Right side of the picture.) Larry, Moe, and Curley THOUGHT it was a good idea to being the lightning rods inside so they wouldn’t get wet.

The Puritans found out that even “safe distancing pattycake” would bring retaliation from the heavens.

Super caption! You’re next @Kent_Clark.

Aaaaand let’s go from the past to the future!

Hello. Yes. This is Peggy. How may I be of service to you to-day?

The… Wi… Fi… seems…

…awful…ly… slow…


Billions of dollars in R&D and they still spend half the day surfing porn sites…