A Grocery Store Practice That Confuses Me

Being a guy, I don’t “shop”. I know what I want and then go to get it. Recently I went to a market to get some blackeyed peas and a couple of hamhocks. They didn’t have the beans, so I left and went to another store. I’ll often go to get a certain item and, if they don’t have it, leave without buying anything.

If you can’t get out through the entrance and the carts are chained across the cashier aisles, just say “Excusemepardonmecomingthroughmakeaholesorrypardonme…” and edge your way past the people standing in line.

Or you could climb over the chained carts. If you injure yourself, maybe you can sue the store. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

The markets where I shop generally have an open area serviced by two-way doors. One has barriers and a turnstyle, but the checkout lanes that are not in use are only blocked with an unlocked chain.

For buying things in the front of the store (or behind the checkout lines) you should ask the manager before you get in line, so as to not inconvenience the line. Especially if this is a small grocery store with only one line. Bug him as much as you can. If it is difficult to get to the front of the store because of the carts and chains, ask the manager to get the suitcase and while you’re at it, ask him to leave an aisle open for people to escape from the store. If he refuses then keep bugging him. Every time you go into the store, ask him to get you a pack of cigarretes, then change your mind. Course this has a short term affect, but he will get the point.

I am really curious if you can actually leave out the front door. Is it an automatic door, or do you have to push it to go inside? Is there an Exit sign above the door? I am absolutely positive that if I were there, I could exit out the entry door, unless it is a push to enter door without a handle on the inside.