A note about Cafe Society searches

There’s some wonkiness in the search function, in that it can’t deal with quotation marks, even if you include the quotation marks in your search.

Thus, if you’re searching thread titles to see if there’s something already started about a book, movie, or TV show, and the person who started that thread used quotation marks around that title – or even on one end of that title – the SDMB search will not find it.

*Can’t find: * Thread about “Name of Movie”

The Google search can cope; see the ATMB post on how to run a Google search.

If you’re starting a thread and want to be nice to people looking for it later, put spaces between the title and its quotes:

*Can find: * Thread about " Name of Movie "

Correction: It turns out you can use the wild card function.

Instead of searching for title, put an asterisk on either side of the relevant string: title

Thanks, Hypnagogic Jerk!

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What about putting underscores on each side of the title, to indicate where an underline would go? Like:

I’m reading the Wild Cards books


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