A Perfectly Reasonable Amount of Schadenfreude about Things Happening to Trump & His Enablers

It’s being discussed here:

He’ll probably be flattered. After all, he was selected personally by Putin as the only man who could help him with his plan.

Putin came up to him, with tears in his eyes, and said “Mr Trump, you are the only man who can make this plan work”.

“Mr. Trump, sir,…”

Nailed it.

May that be his Epitaph.

Too bad the FSB had a keener appreciation of the man than 63 million American voters.

Let’s just shorten it to “inferior”.

Nailed it a little too closely for my taste. I’m getting a strong Dan Rather/Bush AWOL-vibe from this one. Release a fake that “proves” what the left already believes, watch the media feeding frenzy, then expose it as a fake and shut down discussion of the issue forever.

Remember 2004? The Bush AWOL story was deader than dead after Rather ran with the fake documents, even though there was still plenty of other evidence supporting the AWOL stories.

(And yes, that’s a conspiracy theory I actually believe without any concrete proof. Dan Rather was set up by a Bush supporter, possibly even someone with ties to the Bush campaign.)


All depends whether you think Russia thinks that Trump can still be useful, or at least useful enough to go to the trouble.

There was speculation at the time (though no evidence ever came out that I recall) that Karl Rove was behind it.

The incident didn’t only put a nail in the coffin of the AWOL story. It also put the nail in the coffin of Dan Rather. That was quite possibly the primary goal.

Yeah, it probably was him, but he’s good at keeping his fingerprints off. I remember seeing an interview with the secretary of the colonel (IIRC, it was a colonel) who wrote the report Rather used. She typed it at time and said what Rather had was what she’d typed. Rove (probably) just made an easily identifiable fake copy of the genuine document. The truth of the story was lost in the lies manufactured after the fact.

It’s possible.

But it’s a stretch to assume that Russian observers were unlikely to have known in 2016 that Trump was an "impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual who suffers from an inferiority complex”—it’s all too likely that this assessment was made then. In fact, it was probably made years earlier:

(non-paywalled, I think)

This doesn’t prove the 2016 document to be either real or fake; it’s merely suggestive of the document’s authenticity.

But of course Donald will declare it to be Fake News.

If true, I would have a hard time believing that Trump was the sole target of the KGB’s attention. There must be hundreds – if not thousands – of others that are still being groomed as idiots useful to the Russian government.

74 million of them at the last count.

The irony is that most of them would have been, during the Cold War, the most ardent anti-Russian folks in the US.

But this does my heart good:


  1. The Russians hacked into DNC e-mails and leaked embarrassing messages they discovered.
  2. The Russians did not do so for RNC e-mails.

Possible Conclusions:

  1. The Russians just plain forgot that there was another major party in the US.
  2. The Republicans are just too gosh-darn clever to let themselves get hacked.
  3. The Russians obtained kompromat on Republicans, but are holding it close to the vest and playing a long game with it.

The relative plausibility of each theory is left as an exercise for the student.

I’d still like to see some independent confirmation of all this but I would also like to suggest that we not overestimate Russian intelligence competence. Western intelligence forces have infiltrated their opponents regularly for sixty years.

I fully recognize that the Eastern Bloc had some big wins, too.

Why the hell isn’t the CIA doing exactly the same things to the Russians?